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Isn’t “mass migration” part and parcel of the Muslim overall plan to install sharia law upon the lands they migrate too. They have no mass armies, as in the past, to conquer new lands, as in the past, so they are using mass MIGRATION along with their “migrated too lands” governments and an uninformed public along with scare tactics (TERRORISM) to move their agenda. further, it don’t hurt to have someone like Akbar Ahmed (Akbar ???) write a book proclaiming Islam itself as a place of paradise…..The poor suckers who buy into this paradise stuff will have a terrible awakening…When they wake up in that Awful Lake if Fire. So Sad to see so many die for a cause that has no good end.

J D S, Jihadwatch 0 Comments [9/9/2018 6:09:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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