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The BBC is a hive of cultural Marxism. I cannot use the words i use in private to describe them here, they control Journalistic traing and their Union, they infect everything they touch with progressive falseness, a truly vile worthless organisation to all but momentum and Common Purpose graduates,…….. a national broadcaster that despises the ”british” in its title and 80% of the population that do not identify as ”progressive”,……Having 8 billion £ of your 12 billion £ pension fund tied up in the green bank is a big factor in their propaganda.

Gary Ashe, Watt's Up With That 1 Comments [9/9/2018 6:11:59 AM]
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I have no idea what you mean by cultural Marxism, but I suspect it has something to do with there being brown people on TV.

9/11/2018 1:33:15 PM

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