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The Skripal incident preceded the false flag chemical attack in Syria and created conditions where the west could justify illegal military action in Syria by using the poisoning and blaming of Putin to prove how belligerent Russia and Assad are at the UN. It looks like the west is about to use the same ploy again so will probibly repeat the attempt to overthrow Assad eventhough a peacefull end to the conflict could be found. If the west interferes again it will escelate the conflic to the whole region and probably globally. It must be resolved peacefully and the west can use the influence they have amongst the remenants of the extreemist groups they have been secretly funding and arming. Is there any way of pre empting another military strike on Syria by May who already promised to go ahead and bomb them again, it wouldnt help the people of Syria.

Paul From-shields , Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Forum via Twitter  0 Comments [9/10/2018 7:49:05 AM]
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