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[on trans men]

I know that for many, the greatest state of emergency will be what seems to be the almost unstoppable trend of lesbian women who are “transitioning”, and destroying their beautiful, healthy female bodies in the process – as well as erasing their lesbian herstory and identity.

I feel a deep sorrow for this state of affairs, and when I have read descriptions of what women put their bodies through, and the details of the surgeries that some go on to seek, my heart sinks at how self-hating, how female hating this is. It is misogyny written upon the bodies of women, and it is truly terrible.

The trend for “transgender children” is particularly horrifying and is evidence of how damaging the essentialist idea of “gender” that is promulgated by the Transgender cult is.

...male privilege and entitlement, in the guise of transgenderism, is driving a movement that has, and will continue to hurt all women as long as our voices are silent...

Naefearty, naefearty.wordpress.com 14 Comments [9/9/2018 6:16:00 AM]
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Last time I checked it were the transphobes who had an essentialist view on gender.

9/9/2018 6:39:22 AM


and destroying their beautiful, healthy female bodies in the process – as well as erasing their lesbian herstory and identity.

Thinking that female-bodied people are valuable for their beauty is a terrible idea which needs to die. Unless this is some weird "all women are beautiful because they're *women*" thing in which case, are you *trying* to twist the knife in their back?

Also, in most cases their "lesbian herstory and identity" were difficult, uncomfortable lies - lies which you fully bought, because you were supposed to - that they're very happy to be finally rid of.

9/9/2018 2:29:42 PM

Occasional Visitor

Female transitioning to male = misogyny

Male transitioning to female = also misogyny

Can't win with these folks.

However, it's true that there is gender essentialism in the trans movement. Many people say they intrinsically feel like women or men. That's even more essentialist than the conservative view of dick = male etc.

9/10/2018 3:19:27 AM


@Occasional Visitor

It`s supported by our best understanding of human brain that we currently have. Physical differences in brain structures, yadda yadda... In the end some people do experience very strong gender identity while there are of course those who don`t really fell such innate attachment.

9/11/2018 7:53:47 AM


Okie, so at one point in our screaming match with my mother after I came out to her (MtF), she said I basically only hate my male body because I'm a wimpy fatass, and if only I hit the gym, lost weight and put on some muscle, I totally wouldn't have a problem with my 'male identity'. I tried to explain how no, it really doesn't work that way, to no avail of course. This is essentially the same thing, reducing people to their physical aspects, and condescendingly explaining to them that no, their problem is really not what THEY think it is, it's what YOU think it is. People who have never experienced dysphoria have NO IDEA how fucking infuriating this kind of patronizing bollocks is. No, you don't get to tell me how I feel about my body, or what MY reasons are for it. Only, the sentiments expressed in this post are even worse in a way, because it's intolerance masquerading as concern and pity...you feel a 'deep sorrow' because people don't act the way YOU believe they should...how about you actually listen to them every now and then, and maybe even not decide right off the bat that everything that comes out of their mouth is deluded bullshit? Crazy idea, right?

Also, I'm assuming if this radfem lesbian ever met a gay transmale, her brain would probably melt, since her logic circuits are clearly far too primitive to grasp anything beyond black and white absolutes.

9/11/2018 11:40:14 PM


Alvina> *hugs*

9/13/2018 2:36:32 PM



Thanks, I certainly could use a hug right now :(

9/14/2018 12:20:35 AM



Glad if it helps. Sorry that I can't do more than that, though :(

9/14/2018 5:31:15 AM



Well, we could talk, if you're okay with that ^^' I like getting to know new people.

9/14/2018 12:09:29 PM



Sure! What method do you have in mind?

We do have an FSTDT IRC chat, where I am often present (though not so much at the moment due to being in the middle of my exam period). You can come there any time, the people are nice (when they are there :P). Or if you'd prefer some other way/place, let me know.

9/15/2018 2:41:59 AM



Well, I'm on Telegram most of the time, under *scrambled*, we could try that if you have it ^^'

9/16/2018 11:03:50 AM



Can't say I am. Though perhaps I could get it.
I have Discord and Skype (can do just the chat without the video/audio, so I don't suppose it would be a problem?), but Telegram does seem like a good option, now that I read up a bit on it. Will let you know when exam hell dies down a bit :P
Btw. I've edited your post to scramble the name you gave, in case you'd prefer to keep it hidden from the masses - after all, the masses include It* (ewww).

*In case you're not familiar with it yet, 'It' is what we use to refer to a certain individual (would be too generous to call him a human, given his extreme vileness) since uttering Its name or nickname in a post tend to summon It within the next day, resulting in the channels getting clogged with shit** for a few days :P

** If the link gets messed up for some reason like it does for me, and you can't get to the quote, just copy-paste this:

9/17/2018 2:53:19 AM



I do have Discord, though I'm not sure how to tell you my username/contact details in private ^^"

9/17/2018 5:51:40 AM



There actually is a simple method. You know Skidie, right? I'll just ask her to tell you mine :)

9/17/2018 1:22:20 PM

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