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I do not think we will be fighting marxists, but Individualists. Civic nationlists/gloablists/collectivists vs. ethnic nationalists/collectivists. Marxists will be long gone by then.
The multi-racial civic collectivist actually IS what the marxists tried to achieve. The New World Citizen, a globalistic Übermensch, without racial or national identity, history, heritage and past. A new rootless cosmopolitan class that has no stake in any traditional world view whatsoever. Of course that won't work, just look at brazil. But they advertise it to the leftists as overcoming "race" and racism, by mixing all races, then offering them a common moral framework. There will be those who see racial identity as a value in itself and those who rather believe that race has no value and gather around a common set of abstract and questionable values, like a world constitution and universal egalitarianism. The marxists only played a role in opening up societies(see Soros Open Society Foundation), opening the borders, making Illegals into legal citizens, shaping public opinion, saving "refugees", forcing people to tolerate each other, all so this mix up can happen. They've been a tool of the globalists, useful idiots, nothing more. Divide an conquer. If globalists are unable to integrate the US, land of freedom, into their plans for the planet, well... flood them with immigrants who will vote against the natives interests.
Whatever the case. How to prepare to face the future:
Whatever it will be we will be looking at more of a civil war/conflict type of scenario. At least the clash of civilizations. The most dominant group will win. And this will be the group with the greatest spiritual and cultural strength aswell as man power.
So I say it woud be benefitial to actually plan for a multi generational conflict. This is going to take a loooong time. The reconquista took about 400 years, so... start fucking people.
1. Move to the countysite and build (energy/food and control) independent traditionalists communities.
2. Have as many children as possible.
3. Form many secret brotherhoods fighting for white interests all over the western world that are able to collaborate.
4. Infiltrate politics on all levels.
5. Slowly reconquer the cities.
6. Move into the media on all levels. Shape public opinion.
7. In the cities, build white fraternities where the white students can study together for their common goals.
8. Perform soft Eugenics, for example selective breeding to increase IQ and bodily health. In civilization we must take the place of nature otherwise we will all be living as cripples, riddled with diseases in the future.
9. Form a new kind of spiritual world view, morality and traditions, sth. that is timeless and binds all together.
All in mine craft of course.

shakethenuttree, r/ChadRight 4 Comments [9/10/2018 7:51:00 AM]
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You mouth breathers try interbreeding to "increase IQ," and you'll soon regress to negative numbers.

9/10/2018 8:14:59 AM

Citizen Justin

The final line made me LOL.

9/11/2018 6:17:58 AM

Churchy LaFemme

I don't think you recognized the disconnect between moving to the countrysite (sic) and reconquering the cities, slowly or otherwise. Also, rural areas have a poor track record in controlling the media or shaping public opinion. I do like the idea of you isolating yourselves out in the country, though.

9/13/2018 7:48:57 AM


Well, racists ruined many things. Now they will also ruin Minecraft? I'm not happy.

11/22/2018 2:06:02 PM

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