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blackpills dropped on the front page

The media always have lied abour women being the empathetic gender. It turned out men is the most honest gender of the 2. Talk about fake news that the media try to spread against men.

They don't have fucking empathy, they don't even feel love.

Men feel love and passion so much stronger than women do. A wife will lie, steal, cheat, abuse, etc to her husband and he will stick around and try to make it work. Even though he should leave, he will stay because he loves this woman. She is his everything. But a woman will dump him the split second a hotter guy smiles her way. It's fucking insane.

I have no doubt women cheat more, just from personal experience and experience of friends (And talking to women)

Loyalty is a male concept

Not necessarily. Look up the blackpill research on this. Women that are virgins going into marriage overwhelmingly stay loyal, and the marriage lasts both partners lifetime in more than 80% of cases. The more men the woman has been with before marriage, the greater the chance that the marriage ends in failure, to the point where it's basically guaranteed to fail if the woman has had a certain number of partners. Men don't pair bond through sex, but women do, so this makes a lot of sense. The more casual sex a woman has, the more her ability to pair bond gets burned out... So, if you want a happy marriage with a loyal grill who actually loves you; marry a virgin with an intact pair bonding ability. Sex will seal the partnership and you'll live happily together. Marry a 20+ body count sloot and sex will literally mean nothing to her and she'll feel no desire to remain loyal.

CelderSrolls & hello237878, r/Braincels 3 Comments [9/13/2018 2:12:32 PM]
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Black pill research...great another bag of crazy I'll have to deal with in info lit instruction session. I'll add this to the list of #whylibrariansdrink

9/14/2018 6:43:56 AM

Doubting Thomas

Bullshit. I'm willing to bet that the ratio of men to women who cheat in a relationship is roughly the same. At any rate, I'm not going to take the word of a bunch of people who have never been in relationships before as experts in the subject.

9/14/2018 8:03:41 AM


I can't understand the minds of people who think like this. It's as if they think that women are sexually active ALL BY THEMSELVES, instead of as half a partnership. If you think the premarital sexual activity of somebody is all-important, then you've already declared that she only has one value to you. That makes you a poor bet as a husband, and a one-dimensional lover.

9/15/2018 3:16:52 PM

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