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Incel IT mod doubts the importance of personality, is downvoted by his own forum: episode 3

would you enjoy being with someone that treats you like shit even though you found them physically attractive?

I dont know, lets ask all the girls who choose to stay in abusive relationships with Chad when they could leave him at any moment if they wanted to. Oh wait, actually lets not since your bullshit argument would just fall apart instantly. Fuck I hate IT

i have said this so many times recently. 60-80% of women in abusive relationships eventually return to their abuser and they return on average 7 times before finally leaving for good. not one person has tried to explain or refute this.




Or the girls who choose to stay in abusive relationships with Chad-lites who treat them like shit, despite having plenty of other, non-abusive, options ready and willing literally orbiting around them. Or girls who choose to enter into relationships with Chad-lites, specifically because of his abusive/toxic personality("oh, he treats women like shit, he must be high value!").

Like people don't do that all the time... The only reason I stayed with my terrible ex is because she was a super pawg. I just dealt with her bullshit best I could and just tried to smash regularly lol.

Females can only think of this manichean, beyond retarded and simplistic answer "but but would you be with someone who's good looking but with an aaaaawful personality ? " not only good looking men who have awful personality have success with women, but even if it was true that an extremely awful personality repulsed women, that doesn't show that good looks matter less or as much as personality.

Here is a legit comparison :

Someone who is average looking but with an awesome personality. Vs someone who is good looking vs an average/not bad not interresting personality.

And among those two, it's obvious who will attract women.

Going to extremes doesn't prove shit, "well i wouldn't chose chad if he has asperger and is a child rapist" doesn't prove that personality matters as much as look, just that some extremes rare cases of attributes can ruin even the huuuge advantage of looks

some incels, r/Braincels 5 Comments [9/13/2018 2:14:51 PM]
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tough to comment, as the topic is real. Some women seem indeed to attract - and to be attracted to - abusive partners. But that's a problem to solve, that's people to help, not to send them rotten tomatoes.

9/14/2018 3:25:12 AM


Oh, look incels commenting on something they don't understand. Leaving is often the most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship. Not to mention that abusers often wear down a victim's self-esteem and isolate them gradually.

9/14/2018 6:41:23 AM

Doubting Thomas

My wife's sister was in an emotionally (and I suspect at times physically) abusive marriage with a narcissist. It took her leaving numerous times before she was finally emotionally ready to sever ties. The main reason for this was because he constantly wore her down with arguments until she finally just gave in because she was so exhausted. If he didn't get his way in an argument before going to bed, he'd bring it up the next morning and keep grinding her down until she would give in. And the constant psychological abuse and gaslighting often made her question herself as to whether she actually did remember things correctly or if she were in the right. Under those circumstances, it's not hard to understand why it takes a woman several times before leaving for good. It's not because he's so hot that she wants his dick even though he's constantly abusing her.

9/14/2018 7:59:42 AM


There are, unfortunately, women who stay in an abusive relationship. That is NOT a recommendation of being abusive.

9/14/2018 8:02:40 AM


A woman wouldn't choose a man who'd had 70 operations on his face after being burned by an Exocet anti-ship missile; leaving him a '0/10'.

Oh, wait.

9/15/2018 12:31:18 PM

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