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That's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't work in the real world. Liberalism means you have to be as unhappy as they are. And are you really "tolerant" if you and your children are not participating in their "diversity" programs?

And they always want someone else to either pay for the perversion, or pay to fix it.

Perseverando, Free Republic 8 Comments [9/14/2018 3:29:34 AM]
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I get tired of the word "liberalism" because whenever somebody uses it I assume that they follow the ideas of John Locke.

9/14/2018 3:32:34 AM


Liberalism means you respect other people. If you're unhappy when you respect others, that says more about you than it does about "them".

What if we stopped the "diversity" program regarding intolerant bigots? You are no longer allowed to participate; go home!

You do know that taxes means that WE ALL pay together, right?

Right now, the US population is paying for the perversions of the Orange Clown. Is that OK with you?

9/14/2018 4:26:13 AM

Doubting Thomas

Liberals are unhappy? I suspect they're far more happy than conservatives are, since conservatives have to pretend to hate all sorts of things while secretly indulging in them, leading a false life. It's not liberals who are the ones getting caught doing what they campaign against.

And not to mention how unhappy conservatives are over liberals (or anyone else not just like them) simply EXISTING.

9/14/2018 6:07:29 AM


You are really screwed up. Sorry about that. Fortunately my sense of well-being doesn't depend upon being "top dog".

9/14/2018 7:46:07 AM


$130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels.

Your impending unhappiness in just three short months - to say nothing of what'll ultimately happen to a certain lame duck after that - will give me infinite Schadenfreude.

Not even Donald Fart trying to fix someone: paying that person for their own perversion will work in the real world.

Your eternal saltiness after November will be a nice sentiment, Freepers: for we Liberals. >:D

9/14/2018 11:37:21 AM


I'm unhappy? That would come as news to everyone who knows me, including myself.

9/14/2018 1:57:22 PM


How dare you liberals acknowledge minorities and want to ensure they're represented. Taxation without representative was the rallying cry of the Revolution, dammit!!!

9/15/2018 3:02:06 AM

Seems Preservando has mistaken liberalism for conservatism

9/15/2018 5:15:03 AM

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