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I'm a woman and I'm sliding further right every day.

I was raised in California by a very liberal mother. I was force fed feminism in the 9th grade by a very pushy feminist teacher. I was a Bernie supporter in 2016.
There were several factors that brought me to the right. The first couple were when BLM interrupted Bernie's speech. I saw how weak willed he was and thought to myself "how is this man going to handle adversaries on a global scale when he cowers immediately to the demands of a couple young black women?"

The next was when Gloria Allred insisted that women who do not vote for Hillary are betraying fellow women. She was pushing groupthink - herd mentality that immediately infuriated me. I knew something fishy was going one.
The biggest unfurling of my liberal ideals were the DNC hacks. I read email after email. I saw the immoral consolidation of power against Bernie Sanders and by the end of it I could no longer belong to the DNC. Having a basic understanding of OPSEC, how the internet works, and computers I never once believed in the Muh Russia narrative. It was a leak, not a hack.

The Women's March completely ridded me of my Feminist brain cancer. These adults were throwing child like temper tantrums for absolutely no reason. They looked absolutely retarded in their pussy hats, and everything was very cringe. I just couldn't anymore.

After that, I started to evaluate the type of information I've fallen for my whole life. I started looking into alternative political stances. Just like everyone else I started with the light stuff - Sargon of Akkad, Jordan B Peterson, Steven Crowder and Paul Joseph Watson. But it wasn't enough. They were able to comment on the symptoms of a sick society, but never looked in depth towards the cause. Peterson hinted at it, with Postmodernism and Marxist idealogies being wide spread through out Western Society. But not far enough and I wanted answers.

I tried to avoid the JQ. Really did. But everything always led back to it. I watched the documentary this sub talked about - Defamation. After that the redpill was swallowed and I could no longer go back. I'm currently reading Culture of Critique and all of the sources are sound from what I've found.

I want my people to survive. I want Western Culture to flourish and not die out. We all know there's a decline to the Western World, and I personally think that without it the world will be a darker place. I don't want my future children to be handed such a world.

Brap Sugoi, Reddit 4 Comments [9/14/2018 3:41:44 AM]
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Western culture? What is that? There is a French culture (and even that is somewhat fragmented, an English (similarly fragmented), German, etc. There is not one unified Western culture, except for morons who simply have no culture by themselves.
If you think there is a Western culture, you simply do not have any culture to call your own and the only thing you call your roots is an array of wide strokes, which could represent any part of the planet.

9/14/2018 4:21:31 AM

Doubting Thomas

"how is this man going to handle adversaries on a global scale when he cowers immediately to the demands of a couple young black women?"

Because the two black women are his constituents, not adversaries, and he wanted to hear what they had to say. Such a far cry from Trump's "Get 'em outta here! If they get beat up I'll pay your legal fees."

And I find it hard to believe that you were raised liberal but all of a sudden the evil black people made you turn racist. I've heard so many racists say this as if it's not their own fault they're intolerant assholes.

9/14/2018 7:30:58 AM


Going off this entry, I'm doubting that you were ever an actual liberal or feminist. Pretty much an average Redditer.

9/15/2018 3:18:54 AM


G.I.R.L. much, little Russian Troll boy?!

9/15/2018 11:39:46 AM

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