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A large number of people in positions of power, playing along with Agenda 21, most certainly have their eyes on personal profit. The whole concept is being developed to divide and conquer along racial lines and that is meant to control populations to the point whereby all assets, movement and ideas are designated in the interests of those in powerful positions to stay in control. That is not what a Republic is supposed to be about! What has occurred, DARPA's use of DEWs, in Santa Rosa, Napa and Sonoma counties last week are criminal. This whole Agenda 21 has to continue to be exposed on the Local, County, State and Federal level. These local 'regional board' politicians are so twisted in their ignorant views that they re marching the public into a fascist government system and it's apparent they need to be stopped.

Dean Harrington, tubebn 2 Comments [10/3/2018 1:54:59 PM]
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For those who don't know, Agenda 21 is a UN resolution pushing governments and NGO's to adopt policies for sustainable development, which covers things like renewable energy initiatives, women and children's rights, etc.

The right-wing nuts have been convinced for years that this is part of the secret plan to destroy the US government and replace it with a globalist state ruled by the UN. Some states, like Alabama, actually have laws that specifically forbid anyone from implementing any of the resolutions included in Agenda 21, to "protect freedom" or some such bullshit.

See https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2015/jun/24/agenda-21-conspiracy-theory-sustainability for more details.

10/3/2018 3:34:09 PM

Doubting Thomas

If only these conspiracy nuts would focus their attention on the 1%, who really do have their eyes on personal profit at the expense of everyone else and want power in order to stay in control.

10/4/2018 7:02:36 AM

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