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Folks, if anyone has any sense, he or she knows that this is the dismantling of America as free nation and the establishment of Communism as the rule. They are using the herding method to force people to move in urban centers so that they can easily control them and enslave their consciences through controlling the necessaries of life. The Devil is in the equation and as a warning, I will advise you to secure lands far away from the cities and learn to live off the grid because soon or later, this evil plan will come to fruition and the majority of the people having been careless and indifferent to providential warnings, will find themselves trapped. Cities will be prisons without walls and the people desperate for food and other essentials of life will become demoralized and even be instruments of persecution in the hands of corrupt powers against those who will not violate conscience for a loaf of bread. All the proponents of Globalism are in on this plot against God and mankind. Social Justice is a Catholic notion focused on redistributing wealth; they are playing God and it will end up in bloodshed. Get a Bible while you can and study the prophecies for they do talk about these eventualities and give you sure and reliable counsels. God bless you.

Nkosinathi Hlengiwe, tubebn 2 Comments [10/4/2018 7:49:17 AM]
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"Social Justice is a Catholic notion focused on redistributing wealth"

And here I thought it was about making things better for minorities... With, admittedly, a few crazies involved.

10/6/2018 8:59:18 AM


People move to cities for jobs. That has been the norm for centuries; it's not a plot.

10/21/2018 4:36:21 AM

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