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Literally everything to do with having a victim complex and dragging men down off their pedestals and defeating the patriarchy. Like it's a fucking war now, except even the WOMEN don't envision themselves as strong enough to conquer the evils of masculinity. So literally you've NOT been oppressed, you've just realised you're shitter in a lot of ways than men so men need to behave less awesomely to compensate for your shitness. I say this as a 34 year old woman; FUCK feminism as it manifests today. I've literally contemplated suicide to get off this earth because nothing makes sense anymore.

Please don't quit this game yet. The earth needs smart people like you.

Nobody listens though. I've been called a 'traitor to my gender' for merely pointing out that false sexual assault claims by women DO happen. Just that is enough to cast me as either plain evil or just not 'smart enough' to realise all the ways my life has been inhibited by men; despite over three decades of personal experience to the contrary.

You can't reason with that level of vitriolic fanaticism.

I thought that was third wave, where’s the distinction

3rd wave = equality feminism, still irritating with the conflation of equal opportunity with equal outcome but still, generally geared towards positive social outcome for all, LGBT equality and acceptance, women should have the chance to earn the same income and status as any man

4th wave = JUSTICE feminism - FUCK MEN, MEN ARE TRASH, women deserve REPARATIONS above and beyond equality as punitive damages for all the horrid things men have done. The patriarchy must be crushed, men have NO inherent societal value or place beyond that of oppressors. The time of WOMEN has arrived.

LOL what? Women never envisioned themselves like that. They envisioned being "empowered." This is a code word meaning "I want other people to do yucky things for me exactly like before, but I'll pretend that they aren't men. We'll just take male taxpayer dollars instead of our husbands' dollars to subsidize our shitty career choices and also make up a zillion rules so that things in yucky penisy workland are less penisy and our feelings don't get hurt."

So you agree with me...?

I don't think 2nd wavers or women in general were ever "oppressed." There was just real social change back then. So yeah, I agree in that it's mostly just amped up man-hate now. They want the whole world to be vagina-friendly. Everywhere. But the victimhood thing was always there. The difference is that the modern snowflakes are angry that DESPITE the excessive feminization of the workplace (huge HR bureaucracy, parallel justice systems) earning money or accomplishing anything worthwhile outside of the home STILL requires being "masculine." The 2nd wavers were grateful just for the chance to act more masculine occasionally without becoming social outcasts. There were still wars. Crime rates were high. Cars had no power steering or brakes, and broke down often. Cell phones did not exist. A nuclear holocaust could break out at any moment. The world was a more dangerous place. They had a certain respect for masculinity and how it deals with the real physical world.

Agreed. That's really what saddens me now; if anything I see a world that needs more strong, honest, guiding male influence, especially within the younger generations. Instead this hyper feminised shit is ruining society and morality.

PhoebeDodgedShelby, r/MensRights 4 Comments [10/7/2018 6:33:31 PM]
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(1) "...I see a world that needs more strong, honest, guiding male influence...."
(2) "...Instead this hyper feminised shit is ruining society and morality"

How does (2) negate (1)? Yes, we do need more positive male influences, I agree. Have you any better method by which we can reach the goal of seeing that come to pass? Because sitting around sucking our thumbs isn't doing any good, nor does making excuses for the worst in male behavior, especially when it is aided and abetted by males in powerful positions.

You seem long on complaints but short on solutions.

10/8/2018 3:25:13 PM



10/9/2018 7:32:25 AM


Oh, FFS! No one is denying that false rape accusations happen! Just as no one is denying that people are sometimes struck by lightning. Hell, some people have even survived multiple lightning strikes. All we are asking is that victims of rape be treated like other victims of crime. When someone reports a theft, they are believed until evidence suggests otherwise. When you encounter someone in a social setting and they say my house burned down, your first though should be sympathy not to wonder whether they were covering up a crime.

10/11/2018 11:38:52 AM


There is currently no 4th wave feminism. There are some bitter, out-of-touch 2nd-wavers and some TERFs (and a lot of overlap between the two) who hate that their relevance is fading and want to spearhead a new wave to erase many of the 3rd wave paradigms and replace them with fringe radfem ideas... but any claims of being the 4th wave are simply delusions of grandeur at this point.

10/13/2018 1:53:20 AM

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