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They are spraying worldwide in all major cities. What most people don't realize is the Nano particulates are all around us at the ground level. You cannot see the nano in the daylight. I have found a very good way to expose the nano all around us. Just buy yourself a good UV Black Light flash light. Shine it only at night or in a dark room and it will look like it is snowing nano everywhere. This nano is everywhere in your house outside in your car at your job in your food in your water everywhere.
If we all did this used a black-light exposing the nano and make a YouTube video about this. Spread it viral to friends family everyone you know, also have them get the UV black-light as well. If we all exposed this and made videos and posted them to YouTube in all city's worldwide. There would be millions of these videos. Then send the videos to all our government officials to demand they stop spraying us like cockroaches or we the people are going to defund them by not paying taxes until this atrocity is stopped.

The Nasa agency is behind the spraying of these chemtrails their main purpose is surveillance capabilities and to break down our immune systems. The chemtrail planes all land on USA Airforce bases worldwide to be refueled. The united states Air Force is spraying us with chemtrails worldwide. Here is the evidence the USAF has been spraying sense 1990. Here is a PDF of the US Air Force Cadet Manual from 1990 that teaches them about chemtrails chemistry and how to spray .
[link to chemtrailsplanet.net (secure)]
The Title of the manual is : Chemtrails chemistry 131 manual 1990 USAFA you can download it here you have to right click and save. If you look at page 201 & 202 . This is undeniable proof they have been spraying us sence the 90’s

I live in the United states they spray my city 3-5 times per week for the last 5 years that I have noticed nonstop. Am I living in the land of the United States or the land of the United Snakes? It's like were living in Nazi Germany Part 2 were there's no freedom under the sun.

I’m was currently sick with the chemtrail lung for about 3 months . I used a humidifier filled with 500Ml of distilled water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of pink salt & 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar this reduces the nano in my house by 95%. I call it the anti chemtrail it destroys the nano. I also drank true colloidal Silver for about a week it has worked amazing well at recovering my health. Buy doing these 2 things I have recovered my personal health from the chemtrail nano poisoning.

If we all expose this and wake up the masses and send the video evidence to our government officials they will have to stop spraying us like cockroaches. I do like your Laser Idea as well . The best this we can do it send in the video evidence the air force manual that is undeniable proof and demand they stop or we defund them by not paying our federal income tax. Why are we paying taxes to be sprayed like cockroaches by our own USA AIRFORCE? It’s time we all file a class action law suit for the poisoning of ourselves and our family’s.

TheNobodyBee, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [10/8/2018 4:17:34 PM]
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How filthy must their house be that it starts reacting to UV all by itself?

10/9/2018 1:37:39 AM


It's called "dust," you idiot. Clean your fucking filth-pit. Fucking slob.

10/9/2018 6:23:11 AM

Doubting Thomas

Just buy yourself a good UV Black Light flash light. Shine it only at night or in a dark room and it will look like it is snowing nano everywhere.

Those are simply dust particles from clothes, bedding, etc flying around on air currents in your house. Everyone's house has them. You don't even need a UV light, just shine a very bright light and you'll see them. That's why you need to dust your house every so often, or did you think that dust just grows on your shelves?

The Nasa agency

The NASA agency? You mean the National Aeronautical & Space Administration Agency? Is that like the Department of Redundancy Department?

10/9/2018 6:24:09 AM

Dr. Razark

So, is it NASA, or the Air Force?

I'd say it's the USAF force. We're too busy faking moon landings and spherical earths to deal with making chemtrails.

10/9/2018 6:52:40 AM


No, y'see, you've got to get your body used to all the nanos, then it won't harm you. I recommend a teaspoon a day of the pink nano in some orange juice for starters, and wear a hat and long sleeves when you're outside. You can move up to the green nano in a cup of tea when you feel stronger. And tell those children of yours not to go around singing "Neener Neeno Nano" in the streets. It's in bad taste, and the neighbors have been complaining.

10/9/2018 4:04:55 PM

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