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Teen boys, Ford, and #Men G t O W

Let me start by say this incredibly sad. The potential relationships killed before they even begin. Ford deserves to killed by the most sadistic demons imaginable for what she's doing.

She's bringing up something, unsubstantiated, from 36 years ago. She's using a false story to destroy someone, with no witnesses and no evidence. She's setting the precedent for women everywhere who wish to do as she's doing.

Now, for teen boys seeing this, what could they be thinking? Hundreds may be seeing what's going on and being like, if this can happen to Brett, it can happen to me too. What if something happens to me in 35 or 36 years? They're not going to want to take the risk. Seeing how big this has gotten, and with such little, nay, no evidence, it's happening to Brett. And teen boys are like, it can happen to me too.

So they're going to stay away from being involved with teen girls romantically and sexually. Heck, Brett didn't even interact with this woman which makes it more ridiculous! It's a complete fabrication!

Which brings me back to Ford deserving to be slowly pulled apart piece by piece by demons. For the wreckage and unfulfilled future loves she's destroying by doing this. All the potential relationships that will never be because of this bitch Ford.

By setting this precedent, Ford is only encouraging scores of teen boys to #Men G t O W.

Ford's also providing more ad material for the Sex Bot industry than the people working in it ever thought possible.

What are peoples' thoughts on this?

HeraldofDawn777, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [10/8/2018 4:18:03 PM]
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There's a huuuuge difference between teen romance and getting a girl drunk at a party and then sexually assaulting them.

10/8/2018 5:59:17 PM


Now, for teen boys seeing this, what could they be thinking? Hundreds may be seeing what's going on and being like, if this can happen to Brett, it can happen to me too. What if something happens to me in 35 or 36 years? They're not going to want to take the risk

Good. I hope the hellstorm Kavanaugh was put through does deter future sexual predators. Damn shame he didn't get sent home weeping like the twee little bitch he is.

10/8/2018 11:19:50 PM

Charles Brady

Listen man, you're the guy doing all that scare mongering about vampires, right?

Look, I'm far from innocent when it comes to treatin' girls right - but you make even a Sleepwalkers' skin crawl. I do what I gotta because its how my kind survives. But you excuse sexual crime and would let it happen. Just because you're upset about the status quo getting upended.

So fuck you, man. If I see you on the street, Mr. Herald of Dawn, I'll give you the same I gave Mr. Fallows.

10/9/2018 1:24:53 AM


So you think Kavanaugh's story is encouraging men to shun the opposite sex? Really? Because in my perspective and I'm guessing I'm not alone in this all this farce has done is reinforce the fact that even if it is your actual, literal job to interpret and uphold a woman's rights you still don't have to respect or even recognize what those rights are. Especially not if you've got a silver spoon in your mouth because if a woman speaks out against you the right people are going to have your back and there's basically nothing you can to do screw up at that point and you don't have to say a word in your own defense. In fact everything you say and do can just make you look even worse and it won't impede you in the slightest. The woman on the other hand is going to get death threats and rape threats (how ironic) on a daily basis. But only you get to complain about that kind of harassment, she should expect nothing less while no man deserves this! The woman is going to have every aspect of her accusation and personal life picked apart and made into a public spectacle with the hopes it will shame her. You on the other hand can just shout "how dare you!" when the very senate itself asks questions about your character even if statements about your character are your only defense. You can cry about the impact on your life, your busy schedule, and all the stress, the shame of being accused... but a woman accusing a man? She deserves all the scorn and threats and invasions of her privacy that will continue long after the case is settled. Years of therapy? Don't count for nothing. Ongoing phobias? Deal with it bitch. Her job being threatened in ways yours is not? That'll learn her.

You don't have to put up with any of that, people should be ashamed of themselves for making you go through it and all consideration should be made on your behalf to limit and expedite any legal inquiry to get you back to your bright future but damn all the filthy harlot's in the world for wasting a single moment of your precious time because it's not like the sum total of her life compares to whatever months you're being inconvenienced.

For all the attempts to say that Christine Ford has no time, place, evidence, or witnesses she established a time pretty clearly. A time you referenced by complaining that it was 36 years ago. The summer of 1983. Which Kavanaugh responded to by pulling out his calendar collection. Something that actually hurt his case as in the numerous parties marked on it there was more than one that specifically named the same people Dr. Ford said were there. People she supposedly hadn't even met according to the counter-narrative so how would she have known their names? Brett Kavanaugh claimed Dr. Ford's four witnesses all denied her claims, which was untrue. While Mark Judge gave written testimony that he doesn't remember a specific gathering matching that description and her friend could not give a firsthand account voicing only character support that's not the same as a denial. And when witnesses three and four are Kavanaugh and Ford themselves that runs into another problem, guess what it is? Brett Kavanaugh and his supporters deliberately mis-state a lack of specific corroboration as a denial which is a pretty serious distinction legally. And further steps were taken to prevent corroboration. Questions were not asked of Mark Judge - alleged to have been in the room at the time beyond a written testimony that was prepared without any specific questions or allegations in mind that was not cross-examined. When Judge's book and the depiction it contained of his life that included characters bearing striking similarities to Kavanaugh he could not discredit his "friend" fast enough going out of his way to emphasize drinking, drug addiction, memory problems, and emotional stress that Judge was going through when he wrote the book before getting around to saying it was fictional... but also very backhandedly saying if they had questions about the book and its relation to real world events to ask Mark himself, which several senators wanted to do but were denied the ability. Even when Mark Judge and a whopping 40 other people who knew Kavanaugh from Yale released statements of their own volition that Brett Kavanaugh was severely downplaying what kind of a drunk he was and incidentally lying under oath which is a crime it never factored into the investigation. Those dozens of statements the FBI not only didn't take, but impeded the collection of. It was forbidden by Trump to make any sort of issue of Kavanaugh's drinking and partying even though Trump and Republicans tried to shift the narrative to make people think the drinking the sticking point for Democrats rather than the question of the reliability of Kavanaugh's memory which blackout drinking would impede or the fact he lied about his habits under oath. Which again: is a crime.

And all those lovely snide remarks about the proceedings from Republicans. "Tried to make it about everything but Kavanaugh's judicial record" they claim? Democrats received his record only hours before his hearing began and part of it was censored from them and thus excluded from discussion by the White House making that a really disingenuous snipe. And the stuff that is there? When questioned on specific issues Kavanaugh's responses are no more forthcoming than they were when he was questioned about some presumably raunchy shit he wrote in his yearbook including one particular woman he and his friends all implied they slept with... who was quite surprised to find that out herself. His pat response was he'd base decisions on "precedent" which says almost nothing. It says less than nothing about issues where there is no precedent but if we take that to mean he'd avoid issues where no precedent is set then that kind of implies he only does work when he can copy someone else's notes. Roe vs Wade, a specific concern to many, he refused to answer even that much on. Wouldn't say if he considered the matter settled or not despite citing precedence continuously when the topic was more general. Like everything he said at his confirmation hearing it was a cheap ass non answer. Slavery being legal is precedent as much as slavery being abolished. But even more stupid is that taking precedent into consideration is completely standard to the job yet he kept saying it like it was something special. Just like he kept repeating how he went to school and worked out. Yeah, I went to school too. So did Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that's why she's got the Dr. in her name. Does her busting her ass for that doctorate do anything to stifle your slander of her character or anyone else's? Does she get to say how dare you to anyone questioning her character or does that just automatically disqualify her? Well, more automatic than the assumption she's lying in the first place because she's a woman accusing a man of sexual assault in the first place anyway. Goddamned double standards.

He could not be less qualified for the job he was just given sexual assault allegations or no sexual assault allegations. Brett Kavanaugh showed nothing but utter contempt for every single moment of the proceedings and no indication that he's any different in a courtroom. And now that he's shown that this is how he views things when he's on the other side of the bench, that he is completely dismissive of testimony and fully expected far better treatment than his accuser, how could anyone believe he would be impartial in the future if they ever thought he was at any time in the past? He didn't have the patience to go through the motions knowing fairly well that this hearing was basically a formality to begin with. His job was never in any danger from the allegations alone. Rape is treated like a joke in most circumstances already and even the token show they would have gone through to dismiss the charge were treated like a bothersome imposition on everyone involved rather than a matter of the law. The burden of proof is enormous, the conviction rate is nearly non-existent, the disparity of treatment between the accuser and accused is absurd and doesn't match up with the fear you're pushing when examined despite heated public condemnations. Being a rapist, or an accused rapist, or theoretically a potential rapist is only ever really a problem when you're an immigrant. Boys will boys otherwise, especially when you're a good old boy.

So yeah. If men are afraid of women after seeing a man not get seriously investigated, receive various apologies and condolences for the inconvenience of what limited investigation took place, more consistently receive pity even from those who support the accusation, get selectively protected from testimony, refuse to answer several questions or respond with belligerence, THREATEN HALF THE SENATE, and then still get a promotion from the people he was a dick to that gives him power over the lives of millions while the woman was unapologetically stomped through the mud and never stood to actually gain anything in the first place while losing either way as her life is forever opened to people who will continue to harass her without having the same kind of legal protection and considerations as a judge would then I really have to question what constitutes a rational fear for my gender. Especially when the opposite gender is expected to put up with all that plus groping and an expectation for so much worse to happen to them if they ever enter a public place where men are present and are expected to just deal with it.

10/9/2018 1:41:17 AM

Doubting Thomas

So they're going to stay away from being involved with teen girls romantically and sexually.

No, more likely they'll learn to treat women with respect and take "no" for an answer.

10/9/2018 6:29:06 AM


You believed the guy who acted like a sober drunk during a hearing to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Are you a moron?

10/9/2018 7:28:14 AM


Uh...'scuse me? He was "destroyed" right into a cushy lifetime position. Don't you think you're overdoing the pearl clutching? If you can't deal with women decently, then go your own way and be damned. Women don't need fragile little egos like that around them.

10/9/2018 4:11:11 PM


What did the Kavaugh hearing teach young men about rape culture? Well, from where I sit, it appears they learned that if you make the right friends, you don't have to treat women with respect and you don't even have to sound like a reasonable adult on the stand.

10/11/2018 11:31:16 AM


@Passerby & Musical Bookworm

Hopefully the November Mid-Terms with teach the opposite lesson....because America is PISSED!

10/11/2018 8:38:36 PM


@ SpukiKitty

Call me Chicken Little again but I'm not so optimistic on that. Voter suppression isn't even pretending to be subtle anymore, Republicans very openly treat their supporters like slow children and that actually somehow improves their standing instead of turning them into pariahs, any time anyone makes a stand for principle they're the ones who get hurt while changing nothing, and every branch of government is stacked with cartoon caricatures of corruption who not only don't care who sees them bend the rules but know for a fact that they don't *have* to care.

The logical outcome has failed multiple times in a row. Logic cannot be relied upon to hold any sort of sway any more.

Even if motivation outweighs demoralization this time around I don't think change is coming so easy. Even beyond the challenge of overcoming outright rigging simply voting Democratic isn't an easy fix. The obstructionism will still be there. The complicity will still be there. The one-sided appeasements will still be there. The tribalism will still be there. Rabid extremists will still have their foothold. Anything the Democratic party could do would only amount to damage control and they'll probably end up taking the heat for the damage they're patching. And honestly? They're simply the lesser of two evils in a broken system that's been successfully gamed by private interests. Getting terrible policies up and running again will basically be a matter of the wrong people being willing to move enough money and public perception has proven to be ridiculously malleable. The two-party norm itself is so deeply flawed and the players so entrenched it needs to be shaken up if America wants to survive let alone regain its standing in the world stage. Although that said with how badly America has managed to single-handedly shit upon the world in a two year period weakening NATO, emboldening extremists, empowering authoritarian dictators, and putting the world economy on the edge of a cliff I'm not really eager to see that influence returned.

All I know is I don't want autocratic powers to fill that gaping wound left when individual rights were knifed in the back so I wish you all luck and I hope I'm not two for two in predicting disasters.

10/18/2018 3:22:25 PM

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