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I know there's no cosmic caliper that can objectively discern which race is the "best," but through my (admittedly biased) lens, I'd rate ours as head and shoulders above the rest. European women are so beautiful that their bodies are coveted from across the globe. A testament to this is that men from Africa and Asia will grovel for the opportunity to be just in the presence of a white woman. Since antiquity, they'd pay premium prices for white sex slaves.. Women from other countries bleach their own skins, conveying clear envy towards their paler counterparts.

It was only through our genetic infusion that the Ashkenazim had their technological and scientific feats. Bene/Beta Israel, the Mizrahim, and the Sephardim are better models for what Jews actually are.

And, overwhelmingly, it was our people and our civilization that created the modern world. A world without whites is a world where blacks are still living in the stone age, practicing cannibalism, human sacrifice, and coprophagia. It's a world where the Orient is dominated by feudal societies, decadent empires, and brutish horsemen.

Our race is one of unparalleled conquerers, artists, visionaries, magnates, and inventors. Every form of modern transportation is the brain-child of someone of Euro-descent. WE conceived of the Autobahn and the interstate. WE revolutionized medicine, mathematics, and a plethora of other sciences.

Our race is filled with the most aesthetically-pleasing beings ever to grace this earth. Our race is as daring and fierce as it is kind and compassionate. Our spirits are fire; our convictions are held paramount.

We ARE the best race, and we shouldn't be ashamed to say it

Franzop, Reddit 0 Comments [10/9/2018 11:50:37 AM]
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