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You might think that all intelligent observers will be aware of this sustained Jewish support for Muslims and hostility towards Whites. But somehow both the support and the hostility escape the notice of philosemitic commentators like Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray, who rail against Muslim pathologies in the West and mournfully chronicle the suffering these inflict on Jews. Steyn has claimed that Jews are “on the receiving end” of Muslim violence. They aren’t: they’re on the enabling end of Muslim violence. It was their support for Third-World immigration that prevailed against the loudly expressed opposition of the White majority. And this happened not just in Britain, but also in America, France, Sweden, Australia and all other enriched Western nations.

Tobias Langdon, The Occidental Observer 1 Comments [10/9/2018 12:09:55 PM]
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My response to this charming bit of opinion is very short and succinct, my dear Tobias

sustained Jewish support for Muslims and hostility towards Whites


10/11/2018 12:33:59 PM

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