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Rev. William H. Carey: I have almost 40 years experience researching scripture in the original languages. Chris is correct both in his understanding of David and Jonathan's relationship, and the relationship of the centurion and his boy. Jonathan and David were married. It was David's first marriage, but not Jonathan's. When David later married Jonathan's sister, Saul recognized it as David's second marriage to one of his children. This is clearly shown in the Hebrew text. English versions twist the translation to hide it, but don't all do so in the same way. Some, like KJV, add words, while others change the meanings of words. The evidence that they were married is irrefutable from the Hebrew text.
The relationship between the centurion and his pais is also pretty clear. Such relationships were pretty much ubiquitous among Roman men. It was considered normal, and a normal part of the boy's education. It should be mentioned that the boys in these relationships were not children. They were adolescents, and some sources indicate that a boy didn't enter such a relationship until he reached his full height, which would put him mid to late teens.
The evidence for all of this, should you care enough about the truth to verify it, is found on this website: hoperemainsonline.com If you have questions about the material on the site, they have a staff who will respond.

I P Knightley: Your evidence for the above screed is?

Rev. William H. Carey: You're joking, right? I gave you a link for the evidence. Or did you expect me to reproduce the entire Hebrew and Greek text here? Come on, get real.

I P Knightley: Did you really expect me to read a pro-homosexual site?
Why would you expect that?


I P Knightley: So far I have seen you guys compare your habits with being: black, diabetic, autistic, red-headed and left-handed. What next?

Rev. William H. Carey: Nothing wrong with being compared to those things. They are all genetic traits. On the other hand, how do you feel about being classed in with the KKK, Westboro Baptist and other hate groups? Those aren't genetic traits. They are examples of bigotry fueled by willful ignorance.

I P Knightley: "They are all genetic traits"False! " On the other hand, how do you feel about being classed in with the KKK, Westboro Baptist" I am not an American so grow up!

Reverend William H. Carey: Your nationality is irrelevant. You still fit right in with those groups, both of which are listed as hate groups.

I P Knightley: That is utter insulting NONSENSE!
I thankfully know almost nothing about the KKK, it's an American invention, but I know that it's not Christian.
Westboro is one extended family, not a church.
I think that you will find that most actual Christians think as I do, making your masquerade pointless!


I P Knightley: No homosexual is filled with God's spirit
If any such person was, he could not continue to be homosexual.


I P Knightley: Oh I have given up on him! He is determined to twist whatever I say, as I know he does with you too. You are very patient with him!


Jeff: I decided to click on that link William provided. Trying to follow the explanation of their interpretations of Hebrew, and how they was explaining how to apply it was very trying, I felt like I would have to do a double take. Before I was willing to invest in that, I thought I would check out a simpler example of these writers credibility, so then I clicked on Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve. Their logic did seem to show obvious evidence of being predisposed in their objective and was their motive in how they formed their logic and assumptions. They also seemed to decide when to use assumptions according to their logic and talked as if that was what made obvious sense, when it did not, in fact was in degrees of absurd.

I P Knightley: Thank you for that analysis!
I am not at all surprised, just sad. *Tear drop emoji*.

I P Knightley, Premier 10 Comments [10/11/2018 1:49:25 PM]
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Are you seriously walking around with the name I pee nightly?

10/11/2018 2:02:47 PM

Me Thinks

"Did you really expect me to read a pro-homosexual site?
Why would you expect that?"

You asked for evidence and then you reject it when offered. Why am I not surprised ?

10/11/2018 2:17:17 PM

Willam Carey ? Isn't he in your other qoutes CC ? Friend of yours ?

10/11/2018 3:37:34 PM

Username made me laugh. Has to be poe or troll. If not he is determined to be wrong like Amos is

10/11/2018 3:48:27 PM


1. I've studied Carey's work. By all accounts no one was able to successfully refute him, so he's someone I look up to.

2. No I P Knightly isn't a poe. I've been on Disqus enough and Premier enough to look at the commentors and history; I P Knightley is Emma Dove having changed her username. She has two qoutes ubder Her previous handle on this site.

10/11/2018 5:52:30 PM


@ CC

I would love to know the significance of the screenname change to a pun on a middle of the night wizz break.

10/11/2018 7:43:59 PM



I have no idea. I found out when I revisted a qoute page and suddenly her name was different.

10/11/2018 8:09:22 PM


I P Knightley? What are you five?

10/11/2018 8:39:41 PM

Doubting Thomas

I thankfully know almost nothing about the KKK, it's an American invention, but I know that it's not Christian.

If you know nothing about the KKK, how can you assert that it's not a Christian organization?

Oh, and sorry to burst your bubble, but:

I admit I don't know that much about membership requirements, but I seem to remember that in order to join you have to be a Protestant Christian. (They hate Catholics, too.)

10/12/2018 5:35:44 AM


I P Knightley, just go on your dunny break, and leave the rest of us in peace! I have a few "pro-homosexual sites" to read, like the ABC.

10/12/2018 5:26:00 PM

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