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Jeffrey Martin, Twitter 3 Comments [1/5/2019 10:22:35 AM]
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Well... maybe a little of the third.

It was not a good idea for a nation.

1/5/2019 10:55:20 AM

Gabriel LaVedier

Was that the only real estate available? Really? Other cultures got fucked, and worse, and they didn't even get a shitty consolation territory. Is it the displacement thing? The Dacians got brutalized by the Romans and their tongue became a Slavic Romance language as a thank you. And most of the Celts and Gaels, they got fucked twice, first by Rome then by... whatever you call the Anglo-Saxon-Norman conglomerate that put the cultural screws to Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, with the French adding a little of the old ultraviolence onto the Bretons. And then the Reconquista. The only reason it wasn't a bloodbath of a larger scale was a smaller population and no death machines.

Also, did we ever force Leopold to eat a bullet while we burned his capital to the ground? If not, we failed as a species.

1/5/2019 11:58:11 PM

Doubting Thomas

This is just a fancy way of saying that the Jews are running everything.

1/7/2019 11:48:49 AM

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