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(relating to the 9/11 attack)

So for the people who were on the airlines that were landed and then gassed so alternate drones could take over the final deed...when do their families get to sue?

RevIdahoSpud3, Zero Hedge 3 Comments [1/5/2019 10:26:48 AM]
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This is a 9/11 conspiracy I never heard before.

1/6/2019 1:28:34 PM

Doubting Thomas

why would they even bother when it would just be easier to remotely fly the planes into buildings?

1/7/2019 11:31:19 AM


...seems like a waste of resources for the hypothetical conspiracy. Why bother landing the plane and replacing it with a drone if you're just going to kill all the passengers anyway?

1/21/2019 7:42:05 AM

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