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China passes law to ‘make Islam more compatible with socialism’ amid outcry over Muslim abuse

Beijing unveils plans aimed at ‘sinicisation’ of religion within four years, fuelling concerns over crackdown on Uighur minority

China has announced plans to make Islam “more compatible with socialism”, amid growing fears about a crackdown on the country’s Muslims.

Beijing is to introduce measures aimed at “the sinicisation” of the religion within four years, state media reported.

The move is likely to fuel concerns about re-education camps in China’s Xinjiang region, where a million or more Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are believed to be held.

On Monday, Beijing said it would allow United Nations officials into the far western region if they followed proper procedures. UN officials should also “avoid interfering in domestic matters” and adopt an objective and neutral attitude, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

The UN’s human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, said last month her office was seeking access to verify “worrying reports” of centres that Amnesty International has said are being run like “wartime concentration camps”.

China, which denied the existence of the camps until October last year, has claimed it is detaining people guilty of minor crimes and that inmates are “grateful” to have been sent to the “vocational education centres”.

But former internees have alleged torture and said they were forced to learn Chinese Communist Party propaganda, swear loyalty to the party, and denounce Islam. There have also been reports of detainees being made to eat pork and drink alcohol, acts forbidden by their religion.

In a sign the crackdown on Muslims could spread to other regions, Beijing announced on Sunday that Islamic organisations in eight provinces had “agreed to guide Islam to be compatible with socialism and implement measures to sinicise the religion”.

Muslim groups from Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Yunnan and Qinghai had discussed a five-year plan for the “sinicisation of Islam” at a seminar in the Chinese capital, according to the state-run Global Times.

The plan was “not about changing the beliefs, habits or ideology of Islam but to make them compatible with socialist society”, Gao Zhanfu, vice-dean of the Beijing-based China Islamic Institute, told the newspaper.

But the World Uyghur Congress, an exile organisation, said Beijing was using sinicisation to erase Islam from China.

It added: “Practising Islam has been forbidden in parts of China, with individuals caught praying, fasting, growing a beard or wearing a hijab … facing the threat of arrest.

“As we have seen in the camps and in China’s treatment of Uighurs, ‘sinification’ is total assimilation and religious persecution.”

In August, a UN human rights panel said it had received credible reports that a million or more Uighurs and other minorities were being held in what resembled a “massive internment camp” in Xinjiang.

In a rare move, a group of 15 western ambassadors in Beijing, spearheaded by Canada, have sought a meeting with the top official in the region, Communist Party boss Chen Quanguo, for an explanation of alleged rights abuses.

Beijing has launched an increasingly active publicity campaign to defend its actions in Xinjiang in the face of an outcry from activists, scholars, foreign governments and UN rights experts.

In the past two weeks, the Chinese government has arranged for diplomats from 12 non-western countries to visit the region, as well as organising a trip for a small group of reporters, including to three re-education camps.

In the centres, Uighur students were seen learning in Mandarin about the dangers of extremist thought. They also sang and danced for reporters, including a rendition in English of “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands”.

Islamic CPC officials, The Independent 6 Comments [1/7/2019 1:40:39 PM]
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They've been doing this to Catholics for 50 years. It's just a tyrant being tyrannical.
Nothing worse than what Muslims do in places they control.

1/7/2019 1:53:32 PM

They should just kill "socialists" instead. Especially socially conservative socialists. Like the ones in China.

1/7/2019 2:03:30 PM


There are 3,000 Muslims in North Korea.

Move there, then.

1/7/2019 5:20:05 PM


Looks like China saw Islamophobia being "all the rage" and thought "gotta play catch-up".

China has always been oppressive but I always figured modern post-Mao China tolerated religions if they were old and established sects and denominations.

It's so out of the blue....like Putin's sudden anti-LGBTQ hate-fest. I get the feeling that the citizens were getting restless so V-Poo and Winnie The PuPu are pulling a distraction.

Why is it so hard to not see Muslims as The Borg? Just because some are super-prudes who like to blow up stuff doesn't mean they all are!

I feel that Putin and Xi want to be the new Czar Romanov and Emperor Qin because all those hints of Progress and modernization was weirding them out and they're psychopaths.

PUTIN: "Glasnost? Perestroika? America/Russia reconciliation? Screw that noise! I'm gonna recreate the USSR (but in a bizarro Pre-USSR way with Russian Orthodox Theocracy and me as Czar), undo all social progress and prop up puppets around the world!"

XI: "Who said China had to soften their views concerning legit ancient faiths (persecuting only new sects and weird cults)? Time to go Mao on their tails!"

Also; How can being compared to a cute, cuddly, kind-hearted fictional bear be THAT big of an insult? Even the folks were originally making a comment about Xi Jinping's appearance and being a doofus, Winnie The Pooh is pretty weaksauce. Maybe Xi Jinping's offended by the "Cute, cuddly and kind" part. He's a "MACHO MAN OF WAAARRRRRRRR, MAN! HE'S EMPEROR QIN 2.0! *ARGLE*!"

Funny; Other tyrants are more than happy to present a benign image....Look at Hitler kissing babies, chillaxing at home, smiling, receiving flowers from pretty frauleins and posing with his beloved pooch! Propaganda, baby! Lighten up, Jinping!

FINALLY; What's Erdogan's beef with the Kurds all of the sudden? They've been awesome at protecting the world from DAESH! Did an ex girlfriend in his youth dump him for a Kurd?

1/9/2019 10:09:11 AM


[quote]"The plan was 'not about changing the beliefs, habits or ideology of Islam but to make them compatible with socialist society'."[/qoute]

How can you make them more compatible with socialist society without changing them? Are you going to make the socialist society more compatible with the beliefs, habits or ideology?

1/9/2019 3:24:15 PM


It wouldn't be as bad if this was just about....as their doublespeak says and frightened Uighur have assumed....adapting Muslim life to Chinese culture and mores (like a devout practicing Muslim in the USA who's manages to be pretty Westernized)....but, sadly, what this is REALLY about is not "compromise" but "eradication"...."Stop being a Muslim or die!".

Then you have the "Re-education Camp" stuff. Yuk!

1/10/2019 8:00:18 AM

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