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A Mob Of Pro-Brexit Protesters Called Pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry A “Nazi” During A TV Interview

This is the latest incident to involve abuse hurled at Brexit-sceptic politicians and journalists outside the houses of parliament in the last few weeks.

Conservative MP Anna Soubry, a passionate opponent of Brexit, was forced to stop midway through a TV interview on Monday as a crowd of pro-Brexit supporters jeered “Soubry is a Nazi”.

Soubry was appearing live on the BBC News Channel, speaking to host Simon McCoy when the football terrace–style chant began.

As it grew in volume, Soubry stopped halfway through a sentence and said: “I do object to being called a Nazi, actually. I just think this astonishing, this is what has happened to our country. Anyway, let’s try and move on and be positive about things.”

Soubry, who has been publicly harangued by pro-Brexit protesters before, called on the police to “do their job” after the incident.

BuzzFeed News reported in December that broadcasters have hired private security firms for their broadcasts outside parliament, such is the threat from protesters.

Some of the protesters were wearing yellow vests, a symbol of anti-establishment protests in France that has since been adopted by nationalist, right-wing groups in Britain.

And according to this footage, after the interview the same protesters then followed Soubry, continuing to harass and abuse her as she made her way back to parliament.

Also on Monday, the pro-Corbyn columnist and activist Owen Jones was, not for the first time, accosted by what he described as Tommy Robinson supporters as he made his way through Westminster.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty brought up the Soubry incident in the House of Commons during a debate on Brexit.

“Mr Speaker, before I ask my question, can I draw your attention to some further serious events going on outside parliament today,” he said. “Intimidation, threats, potentially unlawful actions, targeting members of this house, members of the press, members of the public, and peaceful activists.

“Can I urge you to use your offices with the Metropolitan police at the highest level to ensure this is dealt with, it’s been repeatedly raised.”

Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay said he hadn’t seen the incident, but said that all MPs were aware of the fate of Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was murdered by a far-right terrorist in 2016.

“Anyone who stands at this despatch box is always mindful of the plaque of Jo Cox, which I know is so dear to many, particularly on the benches opposite, but across the house, and I think all of us would unite that wherever people are on the Brexit debate, is that all of us in this house should be able to air their views with respect.”

Commons speaker John Bercow later responded in the house: “I have been made aware of recent incidents involving aggressive and threatening behaviour towards members and others by assorted protesters who have donned the yellow vests used in France.”

“I am concerned at this stage, I say no more than that I am concerned at this stage, about what seems to be a pattern of protest targeted in particular — I don't say exclusively — but in particular at women.

“Female members, and in a number of cases I am advised female journalists, have been subjected to aggressive protest, and what many would regard as harassment. I can assure the house that I am keeping a close eye on events, and I will speak to those who advise me about these matters.”

As Stewart McDonald, SNP MP for Glasgow South, noted, this is all on the first day of the 2019 parliamentary session.

Brexit Mob, Buzzfeed 12 Comments [1/8/2019 3:30:34 PM]
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Conservative MP Anna Soubry a 'Nazi'?:

...oh, and thanks for finally proving what we knew all along after what happened to Labour MP Jo Cox in mid-2016: ergo what the Conservative government did after that: officially declare Nazis to be that which Thomas Mair - member of Britain First - was.

And therefore what all Salt-rightists, the remains of UKRAP, EDL etc & rabid Brexitards to be, with no exceptions: Terrorists.

You lot = ISIS.

You have less right to deny that now proven fact as of 24 hours ago. As now conclusively proven by Sky News etc.

As per the filename of the third pic, they're scared now: and certainly will be of all those oh so very armed H&K MP7-wielding Metropolitan Police now in & around the area of the Palace of Westminster as of 24 hours ago. And all because of what inferior subhuman Nazis did. Desperation is no excuse for what is no less than terrorism.

Gee, I wonder why all those peacefully patient pro-Remain protesters there have nothing to fear from those officers who keep the Queen's Peace...?!

1/8/2019 8:22:46 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

You know, Brexit mob, the term "Nazi" has a really specific fucking meaning.

1/8/2019 9:02:45 PM


2016: "Trade deals with extraterrestrials on the horizon people. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!"

2017: "OK, we've been doing this for over a year with absolutely no idea what we are actually doing, but don't worry that's totally normal and totally not a sign of a country gone psychotic."

2018: "It's kinda not gonna be exactly an apocalypse."

2018/2019: "Don't worry people, we've got a couple thousand soldiers to keep the public under control while a company which never moved anything even to a single household will help supply our entire country with essential needs which people's lives depend on. C'mon people, we can do this, we've been doing the last traffic jam drill just yesterday, surely y'all remember at least something from it?"

Honestly, there's just something perversely hilarious about watching this comedy as an Eastern European. You see a country going completely insane, humiliating itself on the world stage as no-one really knows what they are doing, their government figures and ideologues panicking as they realize no-one cares about their imaginary fight in some made-up world they retreated to some time in the past (no-one knows or cares when), no-one cares about how they think the world works or should would, and that they're completely fucked and can only play for time and beg the rest of the world to save them. And literally all of that, that entire national humiliation, just because some old people in their country are scared that people like me may move next to them. LOL. Like, you guys do realize that we're not radioactive? Or whatever your problem is.

I used to laugh at the shit they're in, but at this point it's seriously getting into an unfunny territory. Like making fun of a retard or a psychotic. They've just about completely stopped acting rationally in the slightest, their government still has no idea what exactly it wants to do with just months before their economic suicide, and there's still millions of them who believe this was the right choice. Making fun of people so crazy just flat-out isn't funny, it's just pathetic just like their delusions.

1/9/2019 5:17:34 AM


If any side is Nazi, it's the nationalists, the xenophobes, the anti-feminists.

The actual Nazis forced women to focus on Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church).
"Feminazi" is one of the biggest oxymorons.

1/9/2019 5:32:53 AM

Citizen Justin

I heard about this but I thought it was lefties who called her a Nazi. I'm kind of relieved that it was the other side.

1/9/2019 6:19:04 AM



Which is why even those rabid Brexitards are going to realise:

1- Don't blame me: I voted Remain

2- Status Quo is not just the name of a band

3- ?????


...but only for we Remainers & Labour voters.

It was the EU - via the Maastricht Treaty - which ultimately did for John Minor.

If Theresa May Not is a student of recent political history, she should remember what happened next.

Taxi for Mr. Corbyn: to No. 10...!

1/9/2019 6:36:14 AM

Insult to Rocks

Everytime my life as an American seems to be a ludicrous speed level of insane horror, I remember Brexit, and look to find a country that seems to have done absolutely nothing in either direction for 3 years. It's crazy how much Britain seems to be frozen in time.

1/9/2019 8:45:49 PM


What's with Nazi-like people calling their antithesis "Nazi"?

1/10/2019 7:48:55 AM

I'm not sure if I fedl small cold comfort in brexit knowing the nazi esque alt-right fascists are not just in America or saddened. Fuck brexit. Fuck nazis

1/10/2019 8:14:58 AM

Dizzy Dream

Given what happened to Jo Cox, it's not surprising Parliament is concerned.

Unless it's Tory MPs jeering abuse at Corbyn and hiding in the aisles so the Speaker doesn't see them. But if, and when, Corbyn gets into power, I dread to think what Tommy Robinson, James Goddard and their ilk would do next.

1/11/2019 3:12:30 AM



If a picture paints a thousand words, some... thing is going to have to use a lot of them in court.

As those Metropolitan Police officers will have said to you prior to you being cuffed & stuffed, then thrown into that van, 'You are under arrest. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you say may be given in evidence against you...:


...Do you understand?!'

The Remainer protesters outside the Palace of Westminster & at Whitehall. The diametric opposite to them of late. Question:

Whose P.R. image - and therefore their cause in the eyes of the British public - has been enhanced since a mere 96 hours ago: and whose has been all but destroyed, o Brexitards: and James Goddard, the real Nazi...?!

Your last gasp - certainly impotent - attempt to have your 'Freeze Peach': certainly think your precious 'Brexit' ever had the right to exist. In less than another 96 hours, that Meaningful Vote: And like that for Abortion, it'll be a Free one: the whips - in this case, Conservative - don't have the right to think of touching the backbench MPs when it comes to the way they vote; 200 Tory MPs have said they'll vote against Theresa May Not's 'Deal'. All those 'Drinks Parties' Terrie's been having to 'persuade' MPs. Reduced to even crawling & begging to the unions, that's proof of her desperation. Putting off the inevitable before Xmas last year. Less than 96 hours.

Since the previous 96, Anna Soubry MP - as well as 50 MPs who wrote to Speaker of the House John Bercow on the matter - knows her conscience when it comes to crunch time in those less than 96 hours from now. And all because of the desperation - certainly impotence - of Brexitards seeing their 'hopes' crunched under her heel when she & all those Conservative & Labour MPs enter that voting lobby in those less than 96 hours from now.

Isn't Section 5 of the Public Order Act such a great thing, o Brexitards & inferior subhuman Nazi James Godyou'refucked...?!

...oh, and after those 96? Jeremy Corbyn calling for a vote of no confidence in the government. He's also stated he's all for a 'People's Vote'. I refer said dishonourable (flaccid)member to the answer I gave just a few moments ago.

Whose cause is going to look the better to the People, Jimbo & all your Nazi ilk: yours, or aforementioned peacefully patient pro-Remain protesters...?!

96 hours. Tick-tock, tick-tock...!

1/12/2019 10:27:23 AM

Speaking as outsider I find Brexit people similar to our alt-right. Which are basically neo Nazis. I do not know about the Brexit crowd but here the alt-right have had terrorists on their ranks

1/12/2019 11:24:27 AM

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