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God avoids GitHub. GitHub and all projects using Git are the property of Satan.

fschmidt, Reddit 20 Comments [1/10/2019 10:15:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Pharaoh Bastethotep


1/10/2019 10:16:17 AM


I second the motion. WTF?

1/10/2019 10:19:57 AM


1/10/2019 10:35:48 AM


I didn't even know what GitHub was until fshot mentioned it. It's basically deviantArt for software developers, I think.

Why does God hate peer-reviewing source code?

1/10/2019 10:49:03 AM

Insult to Rocks

1/10/2019 11:27:34 AM


God only avoids GitHub because he uses GodHub.

1/10/2019 11:32:47 AM


It's basically deviantArt for software developers, I think.

Pretty much, yeah.

If you're actually interested:

GitHub is a file sharing service, discussion platform, and social network. The website is centered around shared directories, called repositories, with features for change tracking and for other people to propose changes (here's a simple example of someone proposing a change to a book that's being written in public on there). Change management in particular is what differentiates GitHub from, for example, DropBox.

Unlike a lot of social networks, GitHub does not make money through advertising. They make money by offering private repositories to companies that want to use GitHub's file sharing and change tracking features without making their stuff readable to the entire world. GitHub also make a point of using a private repository on GitHub to develop GitHub itself.

A common complaint about GitHub in the specific is that they don't actually publish their own source code. A lot of people see it as hypocritical that they encourage people to share their code without doing so themselves; it's seen as a cynical attempt at lock-in. If this had been aimed only at GitHub, I might have believed it.

But Git itself as the spawn of Satan? Git is an open file sharing protocol with support for tracking multiple version of the same file. Here's the code for Git's client, and the reference implementation of the Git server, all public. You might not like it, but as far as ethics go, you can't get much less controversial than that. This guy is a troll, and probably quite ignorant. Git also predates GitHub, by the way.

1/10/2019 12:32:55 PM


As I'm using GitHub as a resource to study for my exams I can just lol at this.

1/10/2019 12:46:57 PM

Thinking Allowed


1/10/2019 2:42:53 PM


I have it on good authority that God is an admin on GitHub.

He used to be the BOFH, but then a slot as admin opened up. The only problem is that he keeps trying to write code in Latin.

1/10/2019 4:27:01 PM


O...Kay. Does that mean you believe in Subversion or Bazaar or Mercurial?

1/10/2019 5:33:10 PM

K'Zad Bhat

Maybe . . . hopefully, anyway . . . this is merely a programmer frustrated with some aspect of GitHub's function or interface who decided to express his frustrations through hyperbole. I know that as a simple user trying to download an already compiled version, I've been a little frustrated (or was at first) at the process of downloading a compiled binary being a little convoluted. Turns out it's not so much convoluted as counter-intuitive to people who don't already know the interface.

1/10/2019 10:58:09 PM

...wait wait wait, Fschmidt? The very same Fschmidt?

Was he always this Bathtub Leviathan-y? He always came off as a pretty clearcut manosphere nutbar that was awful, but always a secular flavor of awful. Less interested in religion for its messages, but more into its applications as something to control people he didn't like.

Now he's talking like fucking Nautical.

What the fuck?

1/11/2019 3:38:59 AM

Satan put a no trespassing sign on it.

1/11/2019 6:09:40 AM



Looks like it, yeah. Further replies in this conversation make it more clear that he just prefers Mercurial and hates Microsoft, that is, this whole thing is just hyperbole.

1/11/2019 6:31:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't even know what GitHub is.

1/11/2019 7:54:16 AM


So... with the slightest sarcastic inflection this just becomes a weak, derivative attempt at standard grade internet humor.

Like saying "GitHub is cancerAIDS on crack and steroids. I can't even. LOL"

1/11/2019 12:49:30 PM


So I thought "maybe this is out of context and he's just a programmer being dramatic, they do that a lot"

Nope! Based on his other reddit comments, he probably means it.

1/11/2019 3:37:43 PM

I understand complaining about GitHub, but what does God have against Git?

1/12/2019 10:10:08 PM

The one true programming tool god uses is TempleOS. RIP Terry Andrew Davis.

1/13/2019 1:43:57 AM

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