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I would be willing to wager,if I was a gambler, that the black students that were told to give their seats to white students were all misbehaving and distracting the driver from SAFELY driving his vehicle.Black youth seem to not be able to behave in public places...to everyones detriment.

jerrybarr, Shreveport Times Forum 15 Comments [8/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: themann1086

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\"Dang nigrahs need no school! Back to the cotton fields ah says!\"

8/25/2006 10:15:26 AM


Another racist. Where's the christians? Did they suddenly stop saying crazy things? I find that awfully hard to believe. I'm going to have to call my mother-in-law to hear any more fundyism today.

8/25/2006 12:15:02 PM


When teens start 'misbehaving', it has more to do with being a teenager than it does to skin colour, ethnicity, etc.

8/25/2006 2:25:58 PM

Napoleon the Clown

Racism makes Baby Jesus cry!

8/25/2006 4:51:00 PM


Why are all of these comments 2.xx ratings? Almost all of them are pure, unadulterated racism!

8/25/2006 6:33:31 PM

Nezu Chiza

The ratings are what they are because racism isn't fundie. The two often go together, but there are also MANY who are racist but not fundie. If the votes were based on whether it was racist, it'd be a perfect 5. But the votes are for whether it's fundie, and you can't really vote yes without making the blanket statement that all fundies are racist.

8/26/2006 12:05:54 AM

Darth Wang

We need to give a racist of the month award to one of these posts

8/26/2006 9:57:51 AM


Well, asume nine children were misbehaving. BLACK PEOPLE ARE BAD BY NATURE.

8/27/2006 7:22:22 PM


Nezu: I disagree, fundie-ism isn't based solely on religion, fundie-ism can easily be extended to political extremists and, indeed racists. To rate this a \"5\" isn't to say that \"All fundies are racist\" rather, it says that \"All racists are fundies\".

8/27/2006 7:39:28 PM


A white driver makes black children sit in the back of the bus, but I presume it's all their fault because they're black. Black people always misbehave and never do anything right! We shouldn't blame a white person for discriminating against black people!

(Warning! Do not remove this </sarcasm> tag under penalty of insult.)

9/9/2006 8:34:18 AM

When somebody misbeheaves, they're either told to stop or expelled, not told to give away their seats. You're a racist, whatever point you look at.

1/31/2011 3:32:13 AM


You'll lose that wager, stupid. Teenagers, regardless of skin-tone, tend to have a hard time behaving in public places. Their hormones, rather than the skin-tone, is the cause for this.

Do you become more misbehaving after you've been sunbathing.

1/31/2011 3:52:57 AM

Big Chicken Dinner

I bet those black children probably were listening to gangster "rap" and distracting the driver.

It's not racist to assume that, you know how the blacks love rap.

2/13/2011 10:39:02 PM


@cousin Ted

Only because this site regretfully redefined "fundie" to include any extremist statement that is vile and despicable.

A racist is a racist, a fundie is a religious fundamentalist. The groups may overlap, but they are not the same.

We can pretend that words have different meanings, but then we might as well call them "gorillas" instead of fundies.

6/3/2012 8:44:35 PM


In my experience, the kids that misbehave are told to sit at the FRONT while the ones that can be trusted sit at the back.

8/26/2017 8:16:56 PM

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