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In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!

Donald Trump, Twitter 17 Comments [2/1/2019 3:07:30 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

Anthropogenic climate change is more complex than just a flat in temperature worldwide.

Counterexample: In Germany, the summers are getting hotter and drier, with the last one being the hottest ever and devastated our agriculture through drought (and that after the previous winter crops had also been extremely bad because of cold wetness).
Also, as far as I remember, I have never experienced a white Christmas in my life.

2/1/2019 3:15:18 AM

Go to Australia, Don. Go now. Stay outside, Do not wear a hat, or suncream. Then get back to us.

2/1/2019 3:30:23 AM


This is perfectly inline with man caused global climate change. Warmer average temperatures with spikes of extreme weather mixed in. No one is claiming that no cold weather will happen.

How about reading those reports put on your desk.

2/1/2019 6:22:57 AM

Doubting Thomas

See, this is why they had to change it from "global warming" to "global climate change." Because idiots like Trump were saying, "Look how cold it is! What happened to global warming? Hurr durr!" We even had a senator present a snowball on the floor of the Senate to prove that there is no global warming.

2/1/2019 8:05:42 AM



We can’t expect him to take the time to read when he can’t even spend 2 seconds to type ‘global warming’ correctly.

Global Waming

2/1/2019 9:47:11 AM


So, everyone has that one uncle, you know, the guy who has like three jokes, and he tells each of them EVERY reunion. You see a Mitsubishi commercial and you know That Uncle is going to tell his Japanese Pilot joke... Again.

Trump keeps telling this EXACT joke every winter. Every cold spell. But the news programs he watches aren't the ones who point out EVERY TIME that he's being moronic.
And even if they did, all he'd take away from that is 'Hey, they're talking about ME again!'

2/1/2019 9:56:54 AM


Advice to our twit-in-chief:
(1) Find a globe, about the classroom-standard 12" diameter one.
(2) Cover the American midwest. Even with small hands, you should be able to do it with about three fingers.
(3) Observe that area to be only a small part of the globe. Demonstrate for the rest of the class.
(4) Hang head in shame for being so dumb.

For extra credit:
(5) Ask a meteorologist to explain why the jet stream and polar vortex are not behaving themselves in the usual way. No, don't tweet about it, because you will undoubtedly screw up the explanation.
(6) If he tells you anything that doesn't involve "climate change" or "global warming", fire his ass.

2/1/2019 1:09:40 PM


Please go away fast. We don't need you.

2/1/2019 2:19:40 PM


Called it!

2/1/2019 5:16:48 PM

Citizen Justin

In private, he does accept climate change. He was concerned when it was threatening a golf course he owned.

So in future, if anyone ever wonders if Trump is a psychopath or a sociopath, I can't answer that because I'm not a doctor but please bear in mind he was willing to fuck up the entire planet just for his political image.

2/1/2019 7:15:07 PM


Guess who someone invited to their penis extension for an advisory meeting between November 2016 & January 2017?:

Never mind the Inconvenient Truth he represented then - and still does to this extremely cold day in many parts of the US - some... thing has already forgotten that it's known as Climate Change.

Or like the changes for the worse already setting in, so has Alzheimers eh Donald Fart...?!

@Pharaoh Bastethotep

In Germany, the summers are getting hotter and drier

The scorcher Britain had last year.

Equal to the Great Heatwave of 1976.

So you're not wrong: as are so many meteorologists & climatologists. But some... thing is.

2/1/2019 7:42:39 PM

K'Zad Bhat

Northern Mississippi in much the same boat as Germany. I've lived here just over 4 years, it has snowed one year. My father grew up here, and when he was a kid it not only snowed every winter, it always ended up building up thicker than it did that one year. So where's the Global Cooling, right wingers?

Yes, they claimed this, mostly in the 1980s, that the average global temperature was plummeting!

2/1/2019 9:01:47 PM


There's no snow where I live, too close to the equator ^-^

But, of course, Donald Trump likes to bait the liberals.
And he once claimed that global warming was made up by China.

Why doesn't he ask President Xi about it?

2/2/2019 1:28:31 AM


Trump standing next to a tied up President Xi. "Now that your scheme is up let's see whose under that mask." Takes off the Xi mask reveling Al Gore. "Al GORE?"

Al: "And I would have gotten away with it if not for that meddling Trump."

2/2/2019 1:11:42 PM


Another ignorant fundie that can't compreend that global warming causes seasons to experience extreme temperatures, the summers becoming warmer and the winter colder, and the disappearence of mid-seasons like spring and autumn.

This idiots are utterly unable to have a graps or interest about global events, all they care is in their own localized neck in the woods and the severe misconceptions it brings.

2/3/2019 2:07:47 AM


A moron of the highest order.

A monumentally stupid man.

2/3/2019 12:16:43 PM


I wonder if he had anything more to add to that in the last few days, when it was unseasonably warm in much of that same Midwest....(if you count the wind chill, there was something like a 100 degree difference in 2 or 3 days where I am! Even without factoring it in, there was still a 60 degree difference at least.)

2/5/2019 2:38:58 PM

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