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Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf that France would become the first Euro-African hybrid nation. And it looks like Hitler was Right.

czakal, Wordpress 7 Comments [2/8/2019 12:26:01 PM]
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Why? Because of immigration?

2/8/2019 12:57:43 PM


Shitler was an illegal immigrant.

Hypocrisy: it can do so much to destroy one's credibility. Just ask David J. Pedo: or Andrew Anglin. Or Theodore Beale. Or...!

...stop me when I've annihilated your entire 'argument' enough, cakzal.

2/8/2019 4:13:34 PM

Citizen Justin

He also predicted that he would win the war, create a new German superstate with a population of 300 million by the year 2000, that the Eurasian land-mass would be divided up between Germany and Japan, and that after his peaceful death there would be another great war in which the UK and Germany teamed up to crush the USA. France? That was going to be more or less a vassal state, at least the parts of it that weren't going to be Greater Germany.

He ended up blowing his brains out while hiding underground. (With a Walther PPK, Bond fans.)

He liked dogs though. Nobody's wrong about everything.

2/8/2019 5:32:19 PM


Prediction ? Hardly. He fought against our colonial troops during WW1. France and its colonial empire were united in this fight and this was one of the reasons why there was more acceptance towards people of other races (I wrote more acceptance, racism was still prevalent, of course.). You did not need to be a genius to see that the mixing between France and its colonial empire would only continue and increase.
WW2 only served to cement that fact even more.

2/9/2019 12:06:29 AM


Probably because of all the Sara and Arabs in the resistance.

2/9/2019 8:16:42 AM


France is doing just fine though.

2/9/2019 10:01:19 AM

Happy Atheist

What about South Africa? Or any of the many countries in Africa colonised by Europe? Or does that not count because that was us going over there?

2/10/2019 4:42:00 AM

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