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Greets to Poland! We also support your struggle against the Zionist-Wahhabi scum who control your country. The global Jewish banking cartels want to destroy every trace of ethnic heritage and culture on the planet.

There are no bombs falling on Poland, but the Jewish bankers are working hard to destroy Poland in a different way. Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Jew.S.A. are working together to turn the whole world into a type of mono-cultural hell, all controlled by Jewish finance. That way, they can sell us the same products and create disgusting homosexual, perverted societies where people forget their native roots.

Keep fighting, brother!

From an Assyrian friend

NebuchadnezzarII, Youtube 1 Comments [2/9/2019 8:47:45 AM]
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So the Jews and Muslims are working together, never mind the history of conflict?

2/10/2019 12:36:35 AM

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