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@Senior Lexmechanic:
The Iroquois, Algonquin, Cherokee, and Creek would like to have a word with you.

The fact that you no longer believe in Catholicism but still want to force adherence to it on others isn't surprising, given that you want to reinstate the monarchy in a country you have no intention to live in. To speak honestly: your obsession speaks of a disordered state of mind. Have you ever been diagnosed with autism? Because your monomaniacal obsession with the "correct" way England should be reminds me of an autistic person's "special interests".

But the English colonists were the first to bring advanced civilization to the region. And I already explained the reason why I want to restore the true heir to the English throne. I have English ancestry, my dad has a British sports car, and America is culturally, an Anglo Saxon nation.

Jacob Harrison, Kiwi Farms 18 Comments [2/9/2019 11:33:07 AM]
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Citizen Justin

"my dad has a British sports car"

I once had a Honda CB750 motorbike, so now I intend to restore the Samurai to Japan.

2/9/2019 5:08:53 PM


I want to restore the true heir to the English throne.

As we have established here many times, I am God. Since the English throne is occupied by my grace, I get to decide who has "mon droit".

For the time being Elizabeth can have it. When I call her home, I think I'll give it to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Jacob Harrison will be convicted of high treason, then hung and quartered.

I have spoken.

2/9/2019 5:51:29 PM


I'm planning to buy a Honda. Does that mean I have to become a geisha?

2/9/2019 6:45:28 PM


I wonder if Jacob is just an elaborate troll. The thing about the car is stupid even for a wingnut.

2/9/2019 7:02:04 PM

Thinking Allowed

Jake, if it wasn't for the Indians the colonists would have died.

Oh, and I too have English ancestry and my cousin has 2 vintage Triumph motorcycles.

2/9/2019 8:05:15 PM


Leif Erikson. Also, the Yorvik Centre in York here in Britain.

The creativity - and therefore far more advanced culture - of the Norse will blow your fucking mind, Jerkob.

So much proof in so many museums here in Britain of the advanced - certainly earlier - culture of the ancient Romans. So tell me, Jerko: What did the Saxons ever do for us...?!

I have a relative who owns a Honda. One made in Britain. I guess someone's wrong, then. As much as someone's 'Hero':

Donald 'Never see a Chevrolet in Japan' Fart proved wrong via Bumblebee spotted in Tokyo. What, you think something owned by Hasbro is purely American?


The CPU in your computer. The post-British Palestine country that is Israel says 'You're Welcome', o naïve little boy.

2/9/2019 9:09:57 PM


My ancestors having come over with William the Conqueror, I'm sure I have as much interest in the matter as you do. Oh wait ...no, I don't. And since I don't define myself by my wheels, my disinterest is in no way connected with the vehicles I drive.

2/9/2019 10:28:57 PM


England hasn't existed since 1708 when they had the Union of the Crowns.

We like the British crown because it's in Britain. Not because we want it over here.

2/10/2019 12:17:27 AM

K'Zad Bhat

So, mom owns a Nissan, dad owns a Hyundai. Both east Asian, and supposed to despise each other, since that's Japanese and Korean?


I'll add the caveat that if he's using a standard desktop, his CPU is most likely US, Taiwanese, or Malaysian made, depending on whether he uses Intel or AMD, and certain circumstances. If he's using a tablet or phone, his CPU may actually be British manufactured, but I don't know if ARM uses their own foundry or if they license to third parties for manufacture. Or even if they'd have a foundry in the UK.

2/10/2019 12:40:39 AM


The true heir to the throne of Britain? So... The Norse-French one (Plantagenêt), the Norse one (whoever ruled Danelaw) or the German one (von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha)?

2/10/2019 4:13:35 AM


Hubby and me are contemplating buying a German sports car as a birthday-present to ourselves (we both turn 50 this year). That does not mean we want to reinstate a true heir on a German throne...

America is culturally a melting pot of almost all cultures in the world.

What the English colonists brought to the region was chickenpox, slavery, colonization and exploitation. Yay, "advanced" civilization!

2/10/2019 5:04:15 AM


@K'Zad Bhat

I'm going by the fact that the first home computer CPU was developed in Israel.

So unless Jerkob owns the Sunway Taihulight - without Intel or AMD CPUs - he owes far more to a non-British country than he dares imagine.

Wouldn't surprise me if Israel-based R&D companies had a hand in the creation of the processors used in that supercomputer, seeing as that country is such a tech powerhouse, coupled with the close ties between them & China.

2/10/2019 7:26:56 AM

Doubting Thomas

America is culturally, an Anglo Saxon nation.

Yes, that's why we enjoy foods like pizza, bratwurst, tacos, burritos, sushi, Tandoori, and General Tso's chicken. Bet you didn't know that the hamburger is named after a city in Germany and the weiner is named after the capital of Austria.

2/10/2019 8:17:46 AM


But the English colonists were the first to bring advanced civilization to the region.


....Then explain the Inca, Mayan, Aztec, Pueblo, Mississippian and Calusa (shown here in order from top-to-bottom).

2/10/2019 1:36:40 PM


The United Staes of America is not - nor has it ever been - an Anglo Saxon nation whether culturally, socially, or politically.

2/10/2019 7:58:59 PM


@Doubting Thomas


Jerkob's obviously never had Indian cuisine, thus what emerged from that culture so deeply embedded, nay, accepted here, that our favourite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala, inspired by that country's culture. Also, the Oxford English Dictionary including - thus making officially part of the English language* (in this case, referring to large trucks) the Indian word 'Juggernaut', bitch.

...oh, and better not tell Jerko who owns Jaguar/Land Rover these days: and from 2008.


Copan, and it's Classic Period founder K'inich Yax K'uk' Mo'

If Jerkob had majored in History, he'd have known that: and more besides.

But you clearly do. AJP Taylor he ain't.

*- And in recent years 'Hentai', and 'Lolcat'.

2/10/2019 9:07:10 PM

" And I already explained the reason why I want to restore the true heir to the English throne. I have English ancestry, my dad has a British sports car, and America is culturally, an Anglo Saxon nation."

But Saxons are foreign invaders!! England belongs to Angles!![/900 AD]

2/11/2019 5:07:57 AM


I had a cup of Earl Grey tea, early this morning. That's veddy British, old chap. (Even though it IS a Chinese drink.)

You and your "true heir" are never going to rule the waves, Jacobite.

2/11/2019 7:18:30 PM

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