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There is also a strong element of bullying in pushing the homosexual agenda. Just like the men of Sodom, modern homosexuals are into forcing everyone to conform. you don't conform, you risk losing your job/home etc. Just look at how they go after bakers and artists to force them to promote their agenda.

benmcd, Rapture Forums 15 Comments [2/10/2019 5:54:44 AM]
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For the love of... Just because Homosexuals just want to live in peace and be left alone, and not be persecuted, tortured, and murdered by your inane ilk, does not mean they want the entire world to become gay like them!

I mean, how do you even make such an impossible leap?

2/10/2019 6:04:18 AM


Not being allowed to persecute minorities, is not the same as being persecuted, asshole!
Telling you to behave with common decency is not bullying.

The bakers were putting personal info about a lesbian couple on a website with lots and lots of homophobes, causing the women to get death-threats for their audacity to exist and wanting to love and be loved.

Even IF there was a bit of bullying in this... As you have been bullying THEM for centuries, it's kinda their turn to bully YOU for a while now.

2/10/2019 6:16:20 AM

Grey Rook

@Timjer: The fundamentalists want to force the world to become exactly like them, and project their own biases and desires onto their enemies and victims. That's really what it comes down to.

2/10/2019 6:26:15 AM

Happy Atheist

you don't conform, you risk losing your job/home

This is absolutely true. Oh, wait, you think gay people do this to others, as opposed to the reverse?

2/10/2019 6:43:56 AM

Forcing everyone to conform? Like right wing Christians want? Also Ezekiel would show right wing is far closer to Sodom. Self awareness not benmcd strong suit.

2/10/2019 6:52:49 AM


That's not happening.

2/10/2019 7:06:24 AM


Ben, there's a wide gulf between "conforming" and common decency. You've just showed yourself to be incapable of either.

2/10/2019 7:09:28 AM


There is also a strong element of bullying in pushing the homosexual agenda

>Centuries of bullying by fundie Christains with absolute impunity

If you can't take it now what made you & all your ilk think you had the right to so much as think of bullying in pushing your agenda: and not just on LGBT people...?!

What goes around comes around. Now take your 'Persecution': and like it.

Because if you expected those you persecuted for so long to just take their licks without so much as word one of complaint, then you have less right to so much as think of saying 'No'. But only say 'Yes, do what you like to me, LGBT people: I'm a hypocrite who needs to be legally destroyed!'.

...or you can like LGBT people: without complaint.

2/10/2019 7:18:28 AM

Doubting Thomas

For years they were prevented from marrying, from adopting children, thrown in jail, harassed, beaten to death, and have been told that they're sick, degenerate perverts who are going to burn in Hell because God hates them, and THEY'RE the bullies?

2/10/2019 7:39:55 AM


Yes, the homosexuals clearly bully and dominate the heterosexuals and their heterosexual agenda.

2/10/2019 10:39:01 AM

Thinking Allowed

Asking for the same rights as you is not bullying, or special pleading or entitlement. If anything, the bullies are the fundies pushing their agenda on us. Perhaps I should start pushing for the agenda of Bob.

2/10/2019 10:59:48 AM


Just like the men of Sodom, modern homosexuals are into forcing everyone to conform.

Funny; I've read that and I just recall a bunch of gang-rapists who lived in a city where literally everyone (but Lot's family) were extreme psychopaths (considering Deity's answer to that problem, that had to be the case. The same would likely hold true for the 'Noah's Ark' situation....A planet/city where everyone is like Ted Bundy).

Also; Ezekiel specified that they were all basically Mr. Potter/pre-ghost-visitation Ebenezer Scrooge/Boss Tweed/John D. Rockefeller/Koch Brothers/Mitch McConnell/Donald Trump.

One quick of Wingnuts: Re-writing Bible stories.

"In my version, Jesus has a flamethrower!"

2/10/2019 12:03:49 PM


Bullying is it? Well, that's a terribly mild word for what good, mediaeval Christians used to do to homosexual men. Another word, derived from this hideous punishment of publicly burning them ALIVE, from the firewood used to do it, is "faggots".


Now, by all means try to tell everyone how you're the "persecuted" ones, and how you need "religious freedom". AGAIN!!!

2/10/2019 8:34:05 PM

" Just like the men of Sodom, modern homosexuals are into forcing everyone to conform. you don't conform, you risk losing your job/home etc."

Mirror mirror on the wall . . .

2/11/2019 4:54:16 AM


I wasn't sure what the homosexual agenda was, luckily Conservapedia was there to set me straight.

2/25/2019 8:09:38 PM

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