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Yeah, that would be the 'guns-to-heads' bit I mentioned.

Also, you are incredibly uncharismatic. Do you have any followers? Do you have any plans to develop the skills and resources to attract them? Because brother, this ain't it.

It wouldn't be guns to head. What I am saying is that the members of parliament themselves will be secret agents of my society.

What will help me gain followers will be when I marry @pomme and move to England. There I can gain supporters within the United Kingdom Independence Party. And me and Pomme's children can convince their friends to join my society. I can also get Scots to join the society by promising the Scots independence when the true king is restored, because the true heir to the throne of England is not the heir to Scotland. My society can establish a youth wing similar to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that can teach children about the true king. While I may not see the true king restored in my lifetime, my descendants will multiply, and the society will gradually grow larger so the plan will eventually be fulfilled.

Jacob Harrison, Kiwi Farms 13 Comments [2/10/2019 11:29:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

Jacob Harrison's delusions of being some kind of diabolic mastermind are hilarious.

2/10/2019 11:29:44 AM


But he is aware that you don't actually gain loyal followers like in age of empires game? Wololololo.

2/10/2019 1:03:41 PM

Oh, come on. This is just trolling. Stop feeding him.

2/10/2019 2:24:04 PM


first you have to solve this:

2/10/2019 2:51:31 PM

Citizen Justin

He's only 19. Hopefully he'll learn.

2/10/2019 5:48:39 PM


Yeah, well, since Fagatron & co. on the Farms half-broke you perhaps they're close to fully doing so, seeing as that's fucked up any pre-Charles I heirs for you to put on the throne here in Britain.

And as Cromwell made sure of that since, I'm afraid you'll have to settle for Charles, William & Harry.

...oh, and UKRAP Jerkob? There's an extremely good reason why Nige FaRAGE left that which he created: and not just because he got exactly what he wanted out of that single-platform farty... er, I mean 'party' that now consists of the last remnants of the NF, BNP & EDL.


It's in Corgis' innate behaviour to nip at peoples' ankles: it's in their DNA.

The fangs of her very fluffy Corgis contain an ultra-powerful neurotoxin: should you even think of looking at their mistress funny, they'll nip at your ankles. Even then, you'll be killed at the speed of neurotransmission: in all probability dead before you hit the ground. [/Kronsteen, Rosa Klebb]

2/10/2019 8:12:45 PM


Oh why don't you tell the Scots that you're a Jacobite then, Jake? I'll guarantee you they haven't heard that one before. (winks)

2/10/2019 8:18:41 PM


I think you are vastly overestimating the gullibility of the public. And that's not something I say lightly.

2/10/2019 11:02:35 PM



Nigel Farange did not create UKIP. It was Alan Sked, who did however leave UKIP because he thought the party was racist. In his words: "UKIP is even less liberal than the British National Party (BNP). Certainly, there is a symbiosis between elements of the parties,"

I admit I do feel kind of sorry for Alan Sked. All he wanted was to create a Eurosceptic alternative to the mainstream parties but he ended up failing miserably at it. In 2013 he tried to create New Deal, a party that would challenge Labour from the centre-left, but due to an illness invading his life he was literally unable to even field candidates with it. Who knows, perhaps he'd have better luck when he creates Prosper UK.

2/11/2019 12:04:27 AM



...but perhaps he'd wished that FaRAGE had, though.

At least the blame for running it into the ground can be placed solely on that Attention Whore.

It can't last long now that the neo-Nazis have basically taken it over: and UKRAP now is basically the last piece of driftwood the NF, BNP & EDL can cling to after Cap'n Nige sank it with anti-ship missiles: launched from HMS UKRAP.

An NF candidate in the 2015 general election - on just an immigration platform: and only that - running against my MP in the Hull East constituency got just 86 votes: as opposed to Karl Turner (Labour) being re-elected with 18,180.

And with an increased majority.

It's over, rightards here in Britain: WWII made sure of that. Time to give up.

Perhaps they should have learned from James Goldsmith's 'Referendum Party'. He gave up. Nige didn't.

He of all... things should realise why that old saying 'Be careful what you wish for' exists, and for an extremely good reason.

There are some things that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. With this 'deal' as a result of this clusterfuck, even 20% of a 'Brexit' is no Brexit at all. And the 'Backstop', and a Customs Union, results in a so-called 'Brexit' that's softer than Nige's microdick. Don't blame me: I voted Remain.

And Status Quo is not just the name of a band.

Are all you Brexitards - from you Nige, to Jerkoff Pees-Bogg to the Nazi UKRAP - prepared to pay the mortgages, bills, put food on the tables & clothe the kids of those who'll lose their jobs as a result of your precious 'Pride'...?

Nissan. Honda. Airbus.

2/11/2019 12:20:26 AM

The God-King of England will return.
What does the Scribbler think of this?

2/11/2019 4:46:47 AM

Thinking Allowed

As I read Jake's drivel, I could hear my 6 year old niece talking.

2/11/2019 9:59:33 AM

All of Jake's threads are cherished treasures.

2/13/2019 10:24:29 PM

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