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Donald Trump and Putin are both Deep State Assets. Trump appears to be standing against the most organized, well funded, well armed killing machine in the history of the world…yet without harm. One reason he was brought in was to clean up the mess. Root out and dispose of the swamp creatures who have become overexposed to the public. This apparently has been part of the plan all along and marks the time as being short. This will more than likely cause a splintering of government offices and will be bloody. The next step after the clean-up is to round up dissenters. Wars and rumors of wars; distraction…the three main players are all on the same side. Although ultimately the entire world will be at war. Geoengineering is the pearl of the deep state; if it can be stopped all else will fall apart.

gene maynard, Geoengineering Watch 2 Comments [3/1/2019 8:03:19 AM]
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Were you on something when you wrote that?

3/3/2019 7:14:31 AM

Doubting Thomas

The idea that the guy whose administration has been the subject of some 36 or 37 indictments and numerous convictions is cleaning up Washington is totally laughable.

3/4/2019 11:08:12 AM

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