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An MP who led the revolt against anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has been branded a ‘Jew whore’ who should burn ‘in the ovens’.

Joan Ryan, who quit Labour last month in protest at the party’s ‘culture of anti-Semitism’, called in police after receiving two separate death threats in the wake of her defection.

One was an unstamped handwritten note delivered to Ms Ryan’s Commons office on Friday which branded her a ‘****-sucking Jewish c*** who defected to Israel’ who should be raped and ‘set on fire’,

The other letter, received at the MP’s constituency office in North London on Thursday, said: ‘Stop telling lies about Jeremy Corbyn - he is a decent man, you lying Jew whore. You need to be shoved right back in the ovens’.

Ms Ryan has also passed to Scotland Yard the registration number of a black car that was parked near her constituency office with three men inside last week. She fears they were placing her under surveillance.

Ms Ryan, 63, is not Jewish but has been an outspoken critic of the party’s handling of the anti-Semitism crisis.

She left Labour last month to join the new Independent Group in protest at Mr Corbyn’s failure to tackle the issue.

Various antisemites, Mail on Sunday via Twitter  2 Comments [3/6/2019 12:51:52 AM]
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Dizzy Dream

Dear left wing anti-Semitism

Just stop!

Stop gambling with the lies of the poor, the sick and the disabled. Stop gambling with the future of the NHS. Each time you hurl abuse at a Jewish MP who, yes, does have a lot of shit to answer for, you allow Right Wing austerity loving, privatisation worshipping dickwads to keep killing people by neglect- whether by deportation or the Worthless Crap Assessment.

Unless you are secretly Right Wingers who don't care about families going hungry or losing their homes over Universal Credit. Unless you don't care about disabled people dying of heart attacks, starvation or suicide because they can neither work nor claim benefits thanks to the Tories.

Each time a left wing anti-Semite opens their shitty gob, that could be another five years of death, despair and desperation for those who have suffered under Tory policies. Why? Because the anti-Corbyn media has ammo. The Tories have ammo. The Blairites have ammo.

So if you are a leftie spouting anti-Semitic tropes- just stop, for everyone's sake.

And ironically, Corbyn has a pretty decent track record for defending Jews in Britain and abroad. For example, his support for Yemeni Jews in 2010. And if he was anti-Semitic, then why hasn't Islington North voted him out yet, despite it having a large Jewish population?

3/6/2019 7:32:07 AM

Hasan Prishtina

This, and the quote about Rupa Huq above, are indicative of the poisonous level of discourse in British politics in 2019.

Dizzy Dream is right that antisemitism sets the cause of the left back. While the country continues on its xenophobic course, opinion polls show that such attitudes hurt Labour much more than the Tories.

Yet, as things stand, indications are that antisemitism and tolerance towards it goes all the way to the top of the party; for the current leadership, and many of its supporters, antisemitism is not a bug but a feature.

3/6/2019 8:24:24 AM

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