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opposing women is basically opposing the fucking government

women are just the excuse the government uses to come and smash your fucking face in for not doing what they say and giving them enough power

you have endless amount of government officials (in any country) willing to step in and use any excuse to fuck you up and making women feel bad is a perfect (words, hitting on them, being an incel, etc.) excuse

mylifeistrash, incels.is 3 Comments [3/8/2019 11:50:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Doubting Thomas

Yes, because patriarchal governments are known for caring about how women feel.

3/12/2019 6:20:55 AM


Somehow I doubt that.

3/14/2019 7:27:29 AM


...why do I have the feeling there's a disturbing story behind this one? Possibly involving this asshat stepping over a line that got a woman to call the cops on him.

3/15/2019 3:06:38 PM

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