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@Jack Halliday:
Seeing as we appear to be the topic of discussion here:
I am a member of AWD and we ARE in fact serious.

Wait a minute. You are a long time commenter here, right? That means that Cesar and the ideology of this blog really is having some serious influence with serious people. This is excellent news.

The AWD is not in Britain, but we appear to have the System Resistance Network, which from what I can tell, is inspired by James Mason and the AWD. Though I am more inclined to be sceptical about these groups, as up to this point, they have been talk talk talk.

Please, don’t mess this up, don’t be another Order, another Eugene Terreblanche. If we lose now I don’t think we will have another chance. For the love of all things holy – don’t rock the boat. Sink it this time. Be the iceberg.

I think you would need a total 3000 members to rape the System. What would you say to that?

Posted by Joseph Walsh:

There is an organization in Britain called Woden’s Folk which believes the leader Hitler prophesied he was paving the way for will appear in England. But before you write them off, remember the plan of the SRN appears to be to wait for the “inevitable” racial holy war lead by the Great White Leader Kalki who will lead the Last Battalion of Aryan warriors to victory over the hordes of untermensch.

So a lot of the strategy appears to be wait around until Kalki shows up. But Kalki might never show up and our race will simply go extinct. Time is running out, especially in the USA where Whites are a minority now or soon will be, and the only ‘plan’ there seems to be Harold Covington’s Northwest Front and the mass Alt-Right LARPing about an ethnostate. There’s AWD but they seem too small in number to affect change though I hope they can do something.

Posted by esotericisms:

Forgive my late response, I rarely get time to check notifs.
For one, yes, I am a long time commenter and Cesar’s writings have influenced my thought greatly.
Also, SRN is affiliated with AWD and I’ve spoken to their members, as far as I can tell they do take Siege to heart and are at the very least influenced by it to a significant degree, though I’m not sure if that’s official dogma.
As for the three thousand men I would agree completely. The real problem as of now is the many people who ‘support’ us but would not in a million years join.
These people are mostly Christians, of course.

Posted by Jack Halliday:

What problem do these cowardly whites present? How much of a burden will they be in preventing armed revolution?

The solution I see to this is “the frail whites will serve as prey to the Aryan predator.” Numbers don’t matter, just willpower and resources (guns, knives, bombs).

esotericisms, Jack Halliday and Joseph Walsh, The West’s Darkest Hour 4 Comments [3/11/2019 6:07:00 AM]
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Most white people are not Nazis.

3/11/2019 1:19:00 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

There is an organization in Britain called Woden’s Folk which believes the leader Hitler prophesied he was paving the way for will appear in England.

Specifically in sncient prophecy from an 1980s TV show. Also that Conan the Barbarian was a real person, the Hebrews of the Old Testament migrated from the Levant to Central and North Germany while being replaced by the Jews in their homeland without anyone noticing, that a cheap wooden mallet painted to look ancient is an appropriate sacred object, and that taking showers is effete ungermanic decadence.

3/11/2019 1:59:35 PM

Citizen Justin

Kalki is a future avatar of Vishnu, a Hindu god.

Going by Vishnu's previous avatars (Parashurama, Rama, Krishna etc), if Kalki ever does show up, the UK's racist movement will simply say "Fuck off, Paki" (they're proud of their ignorance re: countries on the Indian subcontinent).

3/11/2019 6:15:11 PM


@Citizen Justin:

Yes. I don't understand why these people also say they are 'Aryan'.
That is not the meaning of that word.
Aryans are the people who live in North India, Pakistan, Iran and such places.

Exactly the people that white supremacist groups want to keep out of the country.

3/11/2019 9:59:56 PM

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