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Thank you for your valuable time and kind courtesy in making and posting this vid - as i was about to buy the one for Fabrics, and was searching for reviews on the web - and came across your vid. Though this is HC glue - but that speaks VOLUMES about the quality of all their other products -

anything and everything from "ricebowl-republic " is LOWER than FECES in quality - and its a SHAME that USA is promoting and selling / dealing with and in / promoting and selling stuff like these ---- well...... every nation is buying into the "ricebowl-republic " FECES-
because .... this prod. has an american address upon searching the net for information on this prod. but the product is actually formulated and packaged in "ricebowl-republic "

BOYCOTT AND BAN "them" and their Schitty Products. from "ricebowl-republic ".

This is not a racist rant * (and if readers think it is - THEN they CAN Kneel and K.M.A or S.M.B. i give them the freedom of choice ) -

But Money "talks" today - and if people throw money THEN products should be worth their "weight" for the money thrown.... but not so ...

what happened to the days when THINGS WERE GENUINE and all tags on products read like .... MADE IN U.S.A. - MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN - MADE IN GERMANY - MADE IN JAPAN ?????????? all gone .....
and compromised for.... "ricebowl-republic " the Fecal Monger's Product

TheAquaStan, YouTube 10 Comments [4/1/2019 2:46:19 AM]
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THEN they CAN Kneel and K.M.A or S.M.B.

“Kick my ass” or “Shit my bed”?
I’ll do both.

4/1/2019 4:42:24 AM


Haha, I thought it meant Suck My Butt. I told.

4/1/2019 7:34:48 AM


....what happened to the days when THINGS WERE GENUINE and all tags on products read like .... MADE IN U.S.A. - MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN - MADE IN GERMANY - MADE IN JAPAN ?????????? all gone .....

Isn't Japan a "rice-bowl republic"? Wouldn't it be hypocritical for you to like stuff made in Japan? Rice is really big in Japan, too. All East-Asian countries have a rice-boner. It's a very importan't staple like bread and potatoes are in the west.

If this is a screed against the Chinese then haven't you considered that the "Old Rich White Guys" you worship so much are responsible for having everything made in China due to being too cheapskate to pay employees decent wages or comply with regulations?

Also; While China & Japan are two completely different countries and cultures, they still appear quite similar as far as "race" is concerned so your loving Japanese people while hating Chinese people for ethnicist reasons is pretty hilarious!

4/1/2019 11:59:10 AM


Is this a conspiracy page?

4/1/2019 2:16:31 PM

??????I mean, that's not even completely true! (re. Ricebowl republic) The staple food of Northern China is wheat and Mongolians eat lots of meat and dairy!

4/2/2019 3:30:24 AM

Churchy LaFemme

Unless you built it yourself, the computer you typed this on was made in a "ricebowl-republic." Why aren't you boycotting computers?

I grew up in the 1950s, when "made in Japan" was an indicator of cheap and shoddy, and used as a joke. You're free to purchase products made in the US, or at least in countries you don't consider "ricebowl-republics." It will take some time to find them (hint: you won't find them at Wal-Mart), and they will almost certainly cost more, but you'll help support local industries. I suspect, however, that you'll continue to patronize Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Family Dollar because you're not willing to put your money where your mouth is.

4/2/2019 6:18:52 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is not a racist rant

Sure it's not.

4/2/2019 7:18:18 AM


Welcome to American capitalism, honey. I'm glad it pisses you off. :)

4/2/2019 7:24:29 AM


BOYCOTT AND BAN "them" and their Schitty Products. from "ricebowl-republic"

...it said using a computer with parts saying 'Made in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/South Korea/Singapore/Indonesia/Philippines/Vietnam on them.

Let us know when you find components which say 'Made in USA', as I've yet to find even SSDs by Intel with that on the label.

And as I have a mobile phone which says 'Made in Yateley' - a Samsung one - then when a product is as localised as that: a small town in Surrey, Britain, then show me something made by a Chaebol that is effectively a city within a city in Seoul in your locale, OP.

Do you have anything which can beat that? PROTIP: You can't.

...any wind turbines near you, OP? Chances are, they were made by Siemens: in my locale, Hull.

4/2/2019 3:00:27 PM


Simple people can see the end result (cheap plastic junk with 'Made In China' stickers) and not understand the cause, so they make up their own logic.

4/2/2019 9:15:03 PM

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