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(=Regarding the death of Tina Grimmie, mother of murdered singer Christina Grimmie=)

Ann clinkscales: At least she'll see her daughter again, R.I.P

Steven Scott
ONLY if they were both Christian.


kimberly rios: @Steven Scott umm ????

Steven Scott
Yes, Kimberly? It is true. ONLY if they were both Christia will they see each other. This will mean that they will be in Heaven and see each other. If only one was Christian, they will NOT see each other. If NEITHER was a Christian, they will not see each other.

Steven Scott, Youtube 7 Comments [4/11/2019 6:20:28 AM]
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If there is no afterlife, they will NOT see each other.

4/11/2019 6:34:09 AM

Doubting Thomas

Oh get over your silly superstitious fairy tale. Both of you.

4/11/2019 6:43:07 AM

Considering Christina Grimmie and presumably her family were devout Christians in life, I don't see why your making rash judgments on dead people you don't even know.

Also there's a thing in life called empathy.

4/11/2019 7:52:18 AM


Those favoured by Republicans - and therefore Christians - are by definition destined for Heaven.

Christian Andy Schaftafly - whose mother Phyllis was greatly favoured by those in the Republican Party - likes Taylor Swift.

Your move.

4/11/2019 8:01:02 AM


Both are in Heaven, you ghouls. I doubt you'll be!

4/11/2019 10:40:55 AM


Another religibot, declaring something to be true without a smidgen of evidence. Ho-hum.

4/11/2019 12:07:16 PM


What is this beef with a deceased Christian pop singer? Are they mad she wasn't in a Burka or something?

I can understand their hatred for Heather Heyer since she was a person protesting against their dumbassery but a Christian singer who got shot to death by a stalker makes me puzzled.

4/12/2019 11:48:37 AM

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