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The Kosovo Islamic Community has decided to terminate contract with the Imam, Drilon Gashi, after the latter has accepted as a fact the Evolution Theory, which is opposed by many imams in Kosovo.

The Islamic Community in a letter sent to Gashi has accused the young imam for “inciting schism” with his comments in social media, and banned him exercising the profession of Imam to one year, but he will continue receiving two third of his salary.

The imam from the village Vitomirica of Peja finds the justification of the Islamic Community as not reasonable adding that most of the imams in Kosovo use social media platforms to reach their followers. Gashi says he wanted his opinions expressed in social media “make sense” and comment the religion “based on principles of common sense and by not ignoring scientific truths.”

The Kosovo Islamic Community , Gazeta Express  5 Comments [4/11/2019 6:20:46 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

Can't have any of that science crap getting in the way of our superstition.

4/11/2019 6:40:22 AM

I've found that Islamic creationists are dumber than Christian creationists, as unbelievable as that sounds.

4/11/2019 7:26:30 AM

Thinking Allowed

The Evolution Theory sounds more like a 90s rap group than a scientific one.

4/11/2019 8:20:59 AM


Never mind accepting certain concepts...:

...what this Muslim has will make them S E E T H E.


4/11/2019 8:52:40 AM


So he is not reciting the official stupidity party line? Well, good for him.

4/11/2019 12:02:27 PM

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