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unpopular opinion: it's not 80/20% it's more like 98%/2%

First off, if you don't think tinder is real life, then this thread is not for you. RSD nation or whatever PUA forums are left might appeal more to your form of mental illness.

Second, if you approach tinder with anything less than a very good looking guy, he doesn't get matches.

Except matches don't even mean anything, so basically you need to use pictures of a chad tier guy to even get women interested enough to respond back with more than "hi".

And what if the guy doesn't look as good as his probably cherry picked photos? The girl (who probably frauds everything) will give him the cold shoulder.

So basically it's all or nothing. Either you have god like genetics or you have no chance.

mylifeistrash, incels.co 3 Comments [4/11/2019 8:46:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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"First off, if you don't think tinder is real life, then this thread is not for you."

It's cool, I'll just stay in the realm of reality. People who actually believe tinder's real life are scary and smell of unwashed jizz.

4/11/2019 8:53:00 AM


You're discussing a public medium and calling it "real life". I think I begin to see the problem. You desperately need an upgrade in live-ware.

4/11/2019 12:15:07 PM

Doubting Thomas

No, Tinder is not real life.

What happens when you use a picture of some good-looking guy who's not you and start to get matches? What's going to happen if she wants to meet up and then finds out that the picture you used was fake? You think anything is going to happen from then on? For all the insight you guys claim to have about women, you don't seem to understand that they don't like being lied to.

4/12/2019 7:04:11 AM

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