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How can any incel hate Elliot Rodger, who was responsible for bringing inceldom to the spotlight.

Without ER, inceldom would still be as much of a barely known concept as it was before he committed the attack. He was the one who first brought attention to our plight and problems by being vocal and explicitly detailing his social isolation and complete lack of success with women as being the main motivations for going ER, as evidenced in his youtube videos and 137 page manifesto. It was the first mass-murder by a self-proclaimed virgin and incel, so media and news channels were definitely quick to broadcast this story publicly in the state headlines. As soon as whole state knew about this attack, it spread to other states in the country.

Later it spread to other countries in the world. Information has no borders because these greedy news corporations and media outlets only care about money from selling this information to news corps/media in other countries, irregardless of currencies because they can be easily converted using the ER- "Exchange Rate", a tool created by the jews to rank each currency by assigning it a value in comparison to other countries currencies, creating a pyramid-like hierarchical structure where the stronger a country's currency, the more power they have in the global market of resources.

Thanks to the internet, international trade of information has become a much faster, simpler and efficient process. Elliot Rodger used the internet in order to broadcast himself as an incel and give voice to the incel movement. If he had not done this, the same news channels and media would instead be broadcasting propaganda about female superiority and ignoring the treatment of of low value men in the west, further distancing society from the truth. Instead, the world became more aware of inceldom which was no longer a concept but a reality, one which the west still silences discussion of (we are lucky to have this forum tbh). Fuck Internet censorship.

This forum which acts as a centre of learning and enlightenment through the teaching of the blackpill in its numerous forms, wouldnt even exist if it wasnt for ER because we wouldn't be able to find out that there are other people in the world who share the same experiences as us if the news corps didnt spread ER story and open the curtains to reveal a glimpse of inceldom to the crowd. If this forum was created only a couple of years later than it was created, an extra 1 million males would be dead from suicide around the world including many people here, who are only still alive today because of this site which is their main/only cope, without which they would chosen the rope.

You cannot hate prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and claim to be a Muslim. You cannot hate Jesus and claim to be a Christian. You cannot hate Moses and claim to be a Jew. And you can't hate Elliot Rodger and claim to be an incel. Elliot Rodger is the saint of the Incel brotherhood and his manifesto is our bible. To hate him and claim to be one of us (Incels) is an act of disbelief and should be punished seriously. Yes he took innocent lives but nothing comes without sacrifice. Elliot envisioned a bettER world in which incels would be treated like actual human beings and not socially ostracized, bullied, alienated and disconnected. He believed in something and sacrificed EVERYTHING.

While it should be obvious, i dont condone taking out your frustrations by harming innocent people no matter the circumstances. Elliot Rodger shouldnt be loved for what he did, which was a terrible crime. Rather, he should be loved for the long-term impact he made in the world, as he saved many more lives than he took by preventing thousands of potential incel/low-tier men suicides. He took a few lives and ultimately his own because he believed it was a price to pay for the greatER good.

Elliot Rodger is the true messenger of our ideology. His messages will influence the future beta uprising. He is viewed as a villain by the world. But in an evil world, the villain of the story is the true hERo.

IncelKing, incels.co 6 Comments [4/11/2019 8:46:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Envisions himself king of Incelistan, does he?

4/11/2019 8:52:44 AM

"This forum which acts as a centre of learning and enlightenment"

Dumbassery is not a form of intellect.

4/11/2019 9:17:36 AM


How can any incel hate Elliot Rodger, who was responsible for bringing inceldom to the spotlight

Oh, I dunno...:

(A quote from the Croat Scroat):

...you tell me.

4/11/2019 6:41:06 PM

Doubting Thomas

He brought inceldom into the spotlight, but not in a good way. Too bad you're too stupid to realize that going around killing people is not going to make everyone sympathetic to you. Now instead of everyone thinking of you as entitled, misogynistic, whiny mambabies, they think of you as dangerous entitled, misogynistic, whiny manbabies.

4/12/2019 6:22:15 AM


Seriously? Elliot Rodger did not help your "cause", dumbass. Rather, his murders and your admiration of it just made people despise you faaaaaaaaaar more than they already did. I know I do.

4/12/2019 7:57:04 AM


Sure, that entitled, pretty-little-rich-boy man-baby brought you whiny man-babies to the spotlight, and showed that you'd kill women for the heinous crime of not throwing their vaginas at you.

It's still barely known, and if people do know about you, it's only as a clear evidence of toxic masculinity.

Feminism isn't propaganda about female superiority, dolt. It's just the radical idea that women are people too, something you adamantly refuse to accept. We don't want superiority, we want equality. White men in the west are the most privileged people on Earth. To privileged people, like you, equality feels like oppression.

The US has so many mass-shootings that they tend to fade into each other as time passes. It's soon five years ago, those who don't idolize a weak whiny fool who murdered six people for his own shortcomings, they have long since forgotten that he ever existed. When I search Swedish Wikipedia for Eliot Rodger, I just get a "Do you mean Elias Roger?" (in Swedish, of course), but there are pages for both Omar Mateen and Stephen Paddock, two later murderers that are also dead now.

Lots of people claim to be Christians and still hate what Jesus did and said.

You ARE treated like human beings. Many human beings ARE bullied, alienated, disconnected; that's part of the human experience. You are not unique, you are just like everyone else. What you DO want is to be special, to be treated as a lord and master, to have sex-slaves at your beck-and-call.

What he did was, again, blame others for his own short-comings.
His message was "I'm rich and pretty and ought to have all the pussy I want!".
Killing innocent people and blaming them for their murder will turn you into the villain, yes
The evil world is the one you want to live in.

4/13/2019 5:00:51 AM

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