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Just Imagine: The Media is Confused Why People Thought Liberals Would Want Poor Brown People in Their Neighborhoods

Fox News has run with the same narrative I ran with yesterday when I read the WaPo article about how the Trump Administration is considering busing tens of thousands of invading Central Americans to Democrat cities: this is a gift that the Democrats should be thankful for, and referring to it as a “cruel punishment” is virulent racism.

Tucker quoted many liberal sources who referred to this as “dumping” – like dumping trash.

Laura Ingraham also did a piece, echoing this same sentiment.

I’m still shocked at the fact that the WaPo ran this story in the first place, that Nancy Pelosi gave comment, and that all of these liberal outlets ran with the story without considering the obvious implication.

This was so clearly a setup that it is mind-blowing that the media is so out-of-touch that they couldn’t see it for what it is. As soon as I saw it, I said “well, obviously Stephen Miller leaked this himself to get this response.” But these people are so disconnected by their privileged status as the elite ruling class that they cannot grasp the fact that anyone would be taken aback by their position that “diversity” is simply a way to punish working and middle class Americans – even when they openly say “actually, we only want to flood other people’s neighborhoods with diversity, and doing it to us is a cruel punishment, because we don’t deserve this dumping.”

But maybe this shouldn’t be shocking. Maybe the media is as shocked that people are shocked that the shocked are shocked.

Truly, they must be thinking: “I thought everyone understood that we were only using immigrants to harm working and middle class white people? How did they not know this?”

Well, the reason people didn’t know it is that they didn’t say it. They said “diversity is our greatest strength,” without stipulating that what they meant is “displacing normal white people by destroying their communities will make the ruling ideological elite stronger.”

This entire spectacle almost makes the media seem more honest. They just assumed that everyone knew that they didn’t think diversity made people stronger in a general sense, and that this was simply an attack on white people.

What I hope is that they now feel comfortable just coming out and saying things straight. They are saying things straight by saying they don’t want this genetic refuse “dumped” on them. But they need to expound on that, and just tell the whole truth and nothing but:

We only want to use immigrants to destroy normal white people, because America will be stronger when white people are gone. We don’t mean ‘strength’ as in ‘your communities get stronger if there is less social cohesion’ – that doesn’t even make any sense at all. When we say ‘diversity is our greatest strength,’ we mean that America and the world is stronger if white people are destroyed. Sorry, we thought all of our viewers understood what we meant, and we didn’t realize there was any confusion about this until Donald Trump threatened to dump these illiterate peasants in our neighborhoods. Now that we’ve cleared this all up, we trust that you will continue to support our plan to ethnically displace and ultimately commit genocide against white Americans using the tool of mass nonwhite immigration. To clear things up going forward, instead of using the phrase ‘diversity is our greatest strength,’ which has led to this confusion, we will say ‘wiping out the white race is our greatest strength.’ Thank you.

Then, everyone is honest, and we can finally have this discussion we’ve been waiting so long to have.

Or, perhaps we can’t have it. Perhaps after the media clears this up, the left will continue to be just as rabid – if not more so – about silencing all dissent. But that’s fine. If they come out and say “we’re silencing you while we commit genocide against you, because we don’t believe you have a right to defend your own existence,” then at least everyone is honest and we all know where we stand.

It’s much better to admit that the censorship agenda is because they do not want us to defend ourselves from genocide than for them to keep slandering us as terrorists with this “hatred and violence” mantra.

All I’ve ever asked for was honesty.

And Stephen Miller’s sanctuary city troll might have just led us all to total honesty.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 6 Comments [4/14/2019 6:31:02 AM]
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Have you never talked to any actual liberals, or do you just lie about them?

4/14/2019 9:42:29 AM

When you shove someone out of a bus fully aware that they have no finances, no home, no legal avenues of employment, and impart the express understanding that if they ever try to leave and find housing or work elsewhere they will immediately be arrested and punished *beyond* the extent of the law all with the direct intention of straining that city's resources - which have already been hamstringed as a punitive measure - then it is more than fair to call that "dumping" them there. It's damaging in ways the simple tolerance of the presence of illegal immigrants never was. It's the difference between making mutual arrangements to carpool in a roomy minivan or willingly pick up a hitch-hiker along the road and physically cramming strangers into someone else's car without their knowledge or consent far beyond the vehicle's capacity while tampering with the brakes, gas tank, and engine before blacklisting them at every service station.

4/14/2019 10:25:46 AM


Once again, we peer into the worldview of the Gilded Shitlily, wherein everyone is really, actually and virulently racist, but us weak-willed, pathetic cancer-treating and orphan adopting libruls lie about it for reasons. He honestly cannot fathom that no, HE'S the freak in this fucking circus.

4/14/2019 11:20:05 AM


It might be funny to turn this around on people like this and claim that they don't really believe what they're saying, no one does, and they're just pretending to believe it for insane troll logic reasons. Probably a bad idea, definitely pointless because they'd never get it, but it might still be funny.

4/14/2019 2:49:55 PM


At least they're honest.
There's no difference between 'Trump supporters' and 'white supremacists'.
Even the black ones, like Kanye West.

4/14/2019 3:38:06 PM



You of all... things never had the right to have it in the first place.

4/15/2019 4:27:38 PM

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