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Macro-evolution is the fantasy that claims that one species changes into another. For example, a fish changes into a dog

Bro. Randy, Teens-4-Christ 31 Comments [1/5/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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You sir are an idiot.

1/6/2007 10:47:01 PM


\"I don't understand evolution at all\" in so many words.

1/6/2007 11:33:50 PM


Or Bro. Randy turns into an intelligent human.

No, wait, that would be a miracle.

1/6/2007 11:42:34 PM

Star Cluster

Well, in a convoluted sort of way, he is correct. Since it is speculated that all life arose from the sea, a dog could be a descendant of a fish. Granted, it is not direct and took millions of years to happen. And Randy's statement does indicate the level to which his lack of understanding of science and sheer ignorance of the evolutionary theory has soared.

1/6/2007 11:46:49 PM


No, there are no such divide as \"micro-evolution\" and \"macro-evolution.\" To believe in one is to believe in the other.

The ToE doesn't claim that a fish can turn into a dog in one, or even a few, steps. However, the ToE claims that at some point long, long ago, a primative fish-like species was the ancestor of modern dogs.

Bro. Randy, you really should learn what the ToE actually says before you decide you're against it. Your lack of understanding is truly remarkable.

1/7/2007 12:04:35 AM

Madame Scarlet

Like magic!

1/7/2007 12:04:42 AM



1/7/2007 12:11:55 AM


Oh Aruseus. A fish cannot change into a dog. You're partially right, but it's not a fantasy, and fish and dogs are almost totally unrelated.

1/7/2007 12:12:08 AM


Except fish DIDN'T, you moron.

1/7/2007 12:17:02 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Or a stupidity into a strawman.

1/7/2007 12:37:45 AM


Come on Randy you can build a better strawman than that!

1/7/2007 12:56:40 AM


He is more correct then he thinks. All vetebrate animals are distantly related to one another, and according to fossil records lobe fins where the first vetebrates onto the land.

1/7/2007 1:30:43 AM

The Jamo

Yeah, and a mosquito gives birth to a buffalo. Any more bright ideas, Randy?

1/7/2007 1:38:02 AM


1/7/2007 5:47:48 AM


Don´t waste time Bro.Randy. We know that you reject evolution because you have no idea what it is.

1/7/2007 9:26:59 AM


Dammit! I was actually just about to send in that quote.

1/7/2007 10:20:22 AM

Old Viking

I admire Brother Randy. He's not one to let ignorance of a subject prevent his pontificating on it.

1/7/2007 10:22:07 PM


Ejumacated creationist award?

1/7/2007 10:32:13 PM


The stupid, IT BURNS!!

1/8/2007 9:22:49 AM


This man is in charge over there?

1/8/2007 7:38:19 PM


I assume a dog magically appearing out of thin air makes more sense right? Perhaps God was bored that day he created the millions and millions of different species of insect. Do we really need tens of thousands of different types of beetles?

1/9/2007 6:14:26 PM

Lord Zuol

I've seen an octopus turn into a dog in my back yard once. It took about eight hours and alot of acid.

1/23/2007 6:57:13 PM


STop typing. You're too fucking stupid to own a computer!

1/24/2007 1:53:26 AM

David D.G.

Bro. Randy, that scenario is YOUR fantasy, not ours. Evolutionary theory states something quite different.

~David D.G.

1/24/2007 3:12:49 AM



1/24/2007 1:59:34 PM

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