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So if I can’t use God to determine or prove anything (because of ‘Circular Reasoning’), then you can’t use reason.
Meaning, if I believe something because God says so, then what’s wrong with that? You believe something because ‘reason’ tells you so, what’s the differance? We both believe that a ‘higher power” (God and Reason) determines what we know. Let’s both use that.

Brian Purkiss, Blog 27 Comments [4/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Because the beauty of reason is that a conclusion can change based on the situation or provided evidence. Also, what's up with your single quote?

4/1/2007 2:33:09 AM


The difference is that reason is actually proven to exist. Also it is a method, not a thing.

4/1/2007 2:38:44 AM


Well, god is just an invisible guy that you claim to say these things. Reason is a series of facts that I utilize to prove other things. The difference is pretty clear to me...

4/1/2007 5:14:36 AM


The \"differance\" is that someone who had never heard of neither \"god\" nor \"reason\" could have some event explained to them using one of these in a way that would make sense no matter what culture they are from.

Guess which one?

4/1/2007 6:10:34 AM


\"If I'm not allowed to use the claims of my imaginary friends to support my own claims, then YOU'RE not allowed to use facts!\"

uh-huh. right. pretty much exactly what those \"give creation equal time\" fundies are saying.

4/1/2007 6:21:38 AM


The difference is reason (as a method) has shown to be amazingly consistent with reality. If you don't think reality is valid enough (in itself) to act upon, then you'd have a point, but you'd be committing a performative contradiction. Since most consider reality valid enough (in itself) to act upon, then you will want the most reliable method for determining what is reality and to determine how to act upon it.

Simple enough?

4/1/2007 9:40:12 AM


If I can't used flawed logic then no one can use proper logic!

4/1/2007 1:00:19 PM


A true gem.

I love how these fundies truly do not understand what they're saying. \"I don't care if it's proven I don't believe it\", or \"I don't care if it's logical, I don't like it\".

4/1/2007 1:44:22 PM


There goes my brain.

4/1/2007 2:34:23 PM


Reason is not a sentient omnipotent being we made up. That's the difference. :)

4/1/2007 2:39:10 PM


Meaning, if I believe something because God says so, then what's wrong with that?

What's wrong is that you don't really have the word of God, you have the word of Bronze Age tribal leaders mistranslated by politically motivated 17th Century clerics.
Reason, on the other hand, is rooted in reality.

4/1/2007 7:49:19 PM

Old Viking

During my seven-plus decades I've seen reason manifest itself at least half a dozen times. God, on the other hand, is unproven.

4/1/2007 8:16:29 PM

Napoleon the Clown

Wow... Just.... Wow.

4/1/2007 8:56:44 PM


The \"higher power\" of reason/science is observable, predictable, and it actually works. Pwned.

4/1/2007 9:44:03 PM


AACK! Smartquotes!

Just because you don't know how logic works doesn't mean it's not fair tactics.

4/1/2007 11:50:00 PM


Well to put it simply, a Buddhist, a Druid, a Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian will agree on the exact same thing being reasonable. Try getting them to agree to the exact same God or gods in the same manifestations and the same methods of worship! You lose!!

4/2/2007 12:31:25 AM


The difference is that reason has been right about more things than God has.

4/2/2007 8:22:52 PM


\"Reason.\" I don't think that word means what you think it means.

4/3/2007 1:38:52 AM


What's with the bad punctuations?

4/5/2007 2:14:14 AM


As said earlier no doubt. This guy is an idiot. Reason is not a higher power, reason is an abstract concept (something that you can't visualize, love, reason, hate, etc.) that explains things according to observable evidence. God is not an abstract concept (think about god, you're seeing either a bearded old man or a young (probably brunette) woman aren't you?) that explains things with guesswork, cool ideas, and an \"I dunno\" approach. This irritates me unbelievably.

4/8/2007 10:01:17 PM


Let me see. One, God is not a buddy you can ask advice for, what if it´s an opinion of your own?. Second, I could say, I do it because Flying Spaghetti monster tells me too...............Same logic.

4/10/2007 3:45:40 PM


There should be required reading before you are allowed to decied anything about religion.

4/10/2007 6:03:19 PM

Quantum Mechanic

If you're going to cut and paste without attribution best edit the paste so it isn't obvious.

2/18/2012 1:44:51 PM

Sentry Gun

Yes, let's do that, and keep each in its adequate influence spheres : God in churches, and Reason in the real world.

4/11/2012 8:00:34 AM

rubber chicken

And yet you attempted to show the reasoning behind your position.

4/11/2012 8:04:30 AM

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