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actually, caroline, you twat, you are wrong.
God does exist,
if he didnt, how was i saved from suicide? coincidence? no way you fucking moron

Justinidas Chuck Krivda , facebook.com 62 Comments [12/4/2007 12:04:52 AM]
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Submitted By: jesi

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Maybe because you came to your senses...for like 30 seconds?

12/4/2007 12:05:32 AM


Text book definition of ad hoc.

12/4/2007 12:13:15 AM


You sought professional counseling? Family and/or friends intervened? Medication? Just plain change of mind? How many do you need?

12/4/2007 12:13:30 AM


o ya? well if god DID exist than how cum he dosnt stop me wen i masterbate? FUCKIN RETART

12/4/2007 12:14:49 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Gah. God fucks up again.

12/4/2007 12:38:14 AM


Now that's not King James English! The Fundie Baptists won't be happy with you!

12/4/2007 12:41:55 AM


You have anger issues, and judging by your 'name' delusions of grandeur. So I'd say, you need more professional intervention.

12/4/2007 12:56:24 AM


Took one pill too few.

Loved ones cut your rope.

Paramedics administered plasma packs and bandages.

You tell me.

12/4/2007 1:06:35 AM

I attempted, and failed, at suicide several times in my life. However, I realize it was because I fucked up my planning, not divine intervention. :)

I mean, I'm a queer atheist, I don't think god wants me around anyway. XD.

[Note: If anyone cares, this was years ago. I'm no longer suicidal. Hooray counseling and drugs]

12/4/2007 1:06:35 AM


How were you saved from suicide?
I'd lean towards a severe stroke of collective bad luck rather than divine intervention.
Why don't you go try again?

12/4/2007 1:10:48 AM


Best out of three fucker!

12/4/2007 1:19:59 AM


"My god is love you fucking cunt! Fuck you!"

12/4/2007 1:40:34 AM


Man, I hope you don't kiss your momma with that mouth.

12/4/2007 1:44:03 AM


You chickened out. Too bad.

12/4/2007 2:00:06 AM


So this is you spreading his word as he intended is it??????

12/4/2007 2:18:28 AM


So you were always at this level of fail?

12/4/2007 2:30:46 AM


And somehow, you think that when you finally do succeed in offing your sorry ass, heaven will still be so with you there?

12/4/2007 2:58:54 AM


I was saved from suicide because I forced myself to get through my episode. God had nothing to do with it.

12/4/2007 3:06:43 AM


You saved yourself from suicide.

12/4/2007 3:17:01 AM

Mr Smith

Remember kids, It's down the road, not across the street.

12/4/2007 3:25:43 AM



12/4/2007 3:45:23 AM

argument from arragonce?

12/4/2007 4:03:37 AM


Oh snap! Poor Caroline.

12/4/2007 4:19:59 AM

Lucifer's Penis

To me, the fact that you didn't die is proof that there isn't a God.

12/4/2007 4:32:01 AM


What was the nature of the intervention? A booming voice? An invisible shoulder to cry on? Be specific. If it was just a friend who walked in at the right moment, that hardly sounds divine. It would be better to thank the friend than the invisible man in the sky.

12/4/2007 4:33:05 AM

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