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One thing that the modern feminist does not realize is that she will always be the servant to someone. She was created to be man's helpmeet, and whether she is helping a boss in some ivory tower or her husband at home, she is always going to be the servant to man. It is God's ordained estate for women.

Christine, Lily of the Valley 50 Comments [12/12/2007 6:08:08 AM]
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Moderator, please


12/12/2007 6:12:27 AM


Inb4 AMPM?

12/12/2007 6:29:27 AM

Miss Andrea

One thing that the modern anti-feminist male does not realize is that he will always be the servant to someone. He was created to be woman's workhorse, and whether he is the working long hours to feed his wife and kids whom he resents, or pulling overtime to pay court ordered child support for crotchspawn he otherwise refuses to recognize, he is always going to be the provider to women. It is God's ordained estate for men.


12/12/2007 6:33:00 AM


Speak for yourself, doormat

12/12/2007 6:37:47 AM


That word 'helpmeet' again being used as a noun! yuck!

Christing, St. Paul told you to STFU. Why don't you?

Lilyof the Valley indeed. More like Lily on the Valium!

12/12/2007 6:40:19 AM


Unless she's president of the United States.

12/12/2007 6:44:51 AM


so, you have no clue what feminism was all about then, is that what you wanted to tell us?

12/12/2007 6:48:53 AM


You know "ivory tower" is generally used as a derogatory term, right?

12/12/2007 6:50:30 AM

And for men, or don't they have bosses, dominant wives, rich parents or governments?. And what if the woman is self-employed, widow, single or separated?

12/12/2007 6:54:07 AM

And of course, if men work and are subordinated to other men or women or have to pay for their family, they're not subordinated to anyone. Go figure.

12/12/2007 6:58:07 AM

Mister Spak

What if she is the boss in some ivory tower? Then what?

12/12/2007 7:03:06 AM


What is "helpmeet"?
Last time I saw it I assumed it was a typo where the OP meant to write "helpmeat". Seems I was wrong. Enlighten me, please?

12/12/2007 7:04:11 AM

cool cats

To the Jesus Zombie Stepford Wife...
I am no one's servant, not even to this imaginary god of yours.

12/12/2007 7:13:43 AM

David B.

The list of female CEOs, heads of state, and self-employed small-business owning women would seem to disagree, Christine.

Perhaps it's just you who's useless?

12/12/2007 7:43:44 AM


And if she's a CEO, she'll have to answer to...?

Yea, that's what I thought. You want to be a submissive doormat? Go ahead. But don't try to force other women to do the same.

It's a word made up from the misunderstanding of a Bible verse that says, "she will be an help meet unto him."
The actual translation is "she will be a[n] partner suitable for him."

Unfortunately, fundies don't understand that modern English and Elizabethan English are entirely different, so they end up with ridiculous interpretations like "helpmeet."

12/12/2007 7:51:01 AM

Mr Smith


It's a misunderstanding about the bible passage that describes as woman as "a help meet for him". Where meet is a verb meaning "suitable for".

Fundies however, have taken this to be a noun, completely destroying the original meaning.

NonProphet beat me to it.

12/12/2007 7:56:15 AM


At least use the proper termage - "Created to be man's scapegoat"

helpmeet sounds like newspeak.


12/12/2007 8:09:26 AM


Wait, what happens if her boss is female?

12/12/2007 8:35:44 AM


Except those of us who are SELF employed and answer to NO man.. or anyone else for that matter.

12/12/2007 8:56:12 AM


Who was Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics) "subservient" to? She founded the company, owned the company and ran the company for over 30 years. Who are Oprah or Meg Whitman (CEO of e-bay) subservient to because of their sex?

12/12/2007 9:02:13 AM


What will this person think when Hillary becomes president?

12/12/2007 9:22:34 AM


For gawdsake I hope Hillary wins IF ONLY to slap silly twats like this across the face.

12/12/2007 9:46:11 AM


Does your master know you're flapping your god danmed mouth in a forum bitch? Get your ass back in the laundry room!

12/12/2007 10:04:12 AM


BDSM for Jesus!

12/12/2007 10:14:13 AM


What about men who serve women bosses? What about lesbians?

Won't anyone think of the lesbians? (which now assures that someone will...)

12/12/2007 10:30:48 AM

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