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Men with long hair,

Men wearing short socks,

Pastel colored clothing,

etc. etc. etc.

Men are visually stimulated, and women are typically emotionally stimulated sexually. So, why are men working harder and harder to appear sexy in the way they dress or fix their hair?

I say it's because the media is pushing this kind of dress to promote the Queer agenda. Half the teen boys I see anymore are Metrosexuals (very feminine)... who are they stimulating by acting or dressing feminine? It's not primarily the women... it's the men.... and the Queer men to be specific.

So, if we are allowing our male children to dress or behave in a feminine manner... we are basically hanging them in the meat market of abomination for all the Queers to check out.

Bibleapologist, Fighting Fundemental Forums 92 Comments [3/12/2008 10:05:41 AM]
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I think my brain exploded from the sheer amount of DUMB in this single quote.

3/12/2008 10:17:14 AM


We should all wear Burkhas.

3/12/2008 10:18:04 AM


Are you hoping for a return to the good old days when men dressed like manly men?

3/12/2008 10:30:19 AM


let's see: throughout the history of European fashion, the style of men's clothing has mainly been very flamboyant (for those who could afford it) with a couple of periods of "Puritanism".

It's only really been since the second world war that the "short back and sides" culture has ruled, and that for only a couple of decades. So how can this period, and its fashion, be considered the norm?

3/12/2008 10:31:09 AM


Metrosexual is a term that has lost out. It was flavour of the month. The month has passed, and the term is now out of favour.

As to the Queer Agenda, please show me a copy. Although gay, I have yet to see it.

And to put you straight ( take that any way you choose!) I am a gay man. I am not interested in women sexually in the slightest. Nor am I interested in men who choose to adopt feminine attributes. I suggest they may be after straight men like you - so watch out!

As for me, as a gay man, I am interested in men - not surrogate women.

Do you begin to understand how off the wall your posting really is now?

Probably not. But your bigotry is evident enough anyway. But their fruits shall ye know them, and your interest in fruits is very evident!

3/12/2008 10:31:38 AM


Yes, long hair on men is very feminine.

My boyfriend has long hair. You could totally mistake him for a woman, because so many women are 6'4" tall, weigh 200 pounds, have beards, broad shoulders and masculine facial structure.

Wait, that's really not all that feminine at all, is it?

Goddamn, I'm fucking tired of hearing that long hair on men is feminine. All of the long-haired men I know are pretty damn manly (and I know a lot).

I don't know why this specific point bothers me so much.

I also have to second Xotan: as a woman who has dated ladeez, I have to say that if I'm attracted to a woman, it's because she's... (gasp) beautiful and womanly.

3/12/2008 10:32:18 AM


Bite me, misogynist. Male "effeminacy" is not at all feminine, it's just not stereotypically masculine. What are you afraid of?

3/12/2008 10:35:14 AM


Women are visually stimulated. Trust me on this.

Why do you think the covers of romance novels often feature men with long hair and bare chests?

Don't forget that a few hundred years ago, back when fundies thought things were perfect, men's clothing consisted of hose, short puffy pants, ruffled shirts and long, curly wigs.

3/12/2008 10:41:04 AM

Mattural Selection

"Men with long hair"

And look, he's even wearing a dress!

3/12/2008 10:42:18 AM


He got blasted in the FF Forum! It was fun reading.

3/12/2008 10:51:33 AM


Once in a blue moon a phrase comes along that is so utterly brilliant, so made of 100% pure win that it instantly becomes part of my arsenal of stock quotes. Today this short but select list is joined by the phrase:

hanging in the meat market of abomination


3/12/2008 11:02:17 AM

If your theory were true, half the humankind would have been already stinct. Women are also visually attracted, otherwise we wouldn't have reproduced in the caves.

3/12/2008 11:02:58 AM


Meat Market of Abomination

You'll find this in the Darth Mall, near the Voldamart and the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

3/12/2008 12:02:05 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Yeah, it's gittin' so's ya cain't tell a boy fum a girl anymore 'th all these here dang hippies 'n' beatniks - long hair, flowers 'n' sech. Them boys orta be macho men, lovers 'n' fighters 'n' wild horse riders; rugged he-men.
Like Spartacus.

3/12/2008 12:23:53 PM


Another of those "the contemporary, local norm is universal".

3/12/2008 12:25:22 PM


You know Jesus had long hair don't you?

3/12/2008 12:32:56 PM


Heh, got to love those randomly generated ads...

3/12/2008 12:42:56 PM

Ranger Joe

Ohe Noez! Teh Abominable Meat Market!!!11eleventyone!!!

3/12/2008 12:49:40 PM


It's about time that men use some shower gel and brush their teeth regularly, that's not metrosexual, that's just clean and healthy! Stupid redneck!

And if people (men/women) enjoy dressing up and looking nice, what's your problem? I guess I know, suddenly the ladies around you expect you to look good and you just are to lazy to go through all the trouble! Women are stimulated by looks, believe it or not, we have eyes (and noses)!

3/12/2008 12:55:52 PM


Pastel colors went out with the 80's. Long hair has not really been common since the early 90's when mullets and hair bands went the way of every other fashion trend.

In 16th & 17th century Europe, men wore hose, short bloomers, pointed shoes, and large hats with feathers and other adornments. Were all those ment being hung out as meat? Children in those days, male or female, wore bonnets and long dresses. Boys weren't "breeched" until they were 8 or 9. Look at a painting from that time period and see if you can identify the male children from the female children. Long hair? If that is an indicator of the fall of society than the world would have ended a thousand times over in the past 2000 plus years. Didn't the white Jesus have long hair?

Fashion is no indicator of the destruction of society. If that were the case, the late 60's and early 70's would have brought society to its knees and he 80's would have destroyed the ozone with all the big hair and hairspray. (oh, wait....).

Move on to a topic that works.

3/12/2008 12:56:33 PM


Oh, if you think that kids of today dress funny, look how people dressed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

3/12/2008 1:05:00 PM


"we are basically hanging them in the meat market of abomination for all the Queers to check out. "

Tit for tat!

3/12/2008 1:06:53 PM

Men with long hair = feminine? You really should look at some metal bands

3/12/2008 1:11:23 PM


Women are just as visual as men, and men have just the same emotional capacity as women. So, yeah. Shut the fuck up.

3/12/2008 1:13:20 PM


Men are visually stimulated, and women are typically emotionally stimulated sexually. So, why are men working harder and harder to appear sexy in the way they dress or fix their hair?

Don't know much about women, huh?

3/12/2008 1:37:27 PM

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