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My dd was watching animal planet last night, which generally has ok commercials on it.

But then a Chips Ahoy commercial came on where the cookie was singing, "If you think I'm s**y" luckily I was there and caught it but it's a cookie commercial. If you follow logically where the commercial is going it's pretty disgusting.

writersmom, RaptureReady 77 Comments [5/19/2008 4:47:12 PM]
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Bass X0


5/19/2008 4:54:18 PM


Rapture Ready Fucktards just go around looking for this shit.

How are you with the Oreo ads?

5/19/2008 4:56:59 PM



Are you trying to imply, that in some bizzare way, a cookie is slutty? That's just.. fucking insane

5/19/2008 4:57:14 PM


...IT. IS. A. COMMERCIAL. If 's**y' is what I think it stands for, do you HONESTLY think they're advocating sex with a cookie?!

5/19/2008 4:57:55 PM


Petty stuff.

5/19/2008 4:59:57 PM



Also, wtf is with fundies and this bizarre code-phrase thing they have going for members of their family? Does anyone know what dd means?

5/19/2008 5:13:23 PM



Rule 34! I demand it!

5/19/2008 5:16:09 PM


O NOES! Not s**y cookies!

5/19/2008 5:17:01 PM

Bass X0

Oh. Sexy. I was thinking it was something more offensive.

5/19/2008 5:20:19 PM



Cookie and blonde claymated sex is an abomination! I think that's somewhere in Leviticus.

5/19/2008 5:22:51 PM


Well, chocolate is considered to be an aphrodesiac but I think you need something more slippery to go with that slope.

5/19/2008 5:24:36 PM


Is it sexy you find too provocative to write?

5/19/2008 5:25:20 PM


Oh, and "dd" is "dear daughter" or "delightful daughter."

5/19/2008 5:25:34 PM

Septic Sceptic

Sorry Pyroclasm, gingerbread cookies were the best I could do:

5/19/2008 5:25:59 PM


You watch television? Oh my goodness; how can you do something so evil and humanistic?

Cabal, dd = dear daughter. ds = dear son. dh = dear husband.

I have never seen dw; apparently male fundies don't think their wives are dear. Actually, it's not just fundie; it started, I believe, in the mommy blogging sphere/ message board world as a way to keep real names private. Now it's pretty much a standard among women communicating with other women on the Internet.

5/19/2008 5:26:38 PM


I thought it was "shitty" at first.

5/19/2008 5:28:35 PM

Bass X0

I thought 'dd' would be a typo of "dad". But "dear/delightful daughter" seems more like something they would say.

5/19/2008 5:29:23 PM


"If you follow logically where the commercial is going it's pretty disgusting."

Where do you think that the commercial is "going," and why do you find it disgusting? Are you aware that cookies, as inanimate objects, cannot sing?

5/19/2008 5:35:01 PM

Mister Spak

What do you do when the animal channel shows antelope porn?

5/19/2008 5:36:35 PM

David D.G.

In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, didn't Alice find a little cake with a note attached to it that said, "Eat Me"? This commercial is simply making a classic literary allusion. After all, we all know that baked goods are hot. (Especially tarts!)

~David D.G.

5/19/2008 5:37:57 PM


What kind of person censors the word "sexy" anyway?

5/19/2008 5:41:46 PM


"If you follow logically where the commercial is going..."
Craving sinful sweets ?

5/19/2008 5:46:27 PM


"If you follow logically where the commercial is going it's pretty disgusting."

Sex with cookies?

Nah, sorry, didn't think that till you mentioned it. You have a sick mind if thats the first thing you think of.

5/19/2008 6:06:33 PM


It really did take me a couple of minutes to figure out what s**y was supposed to be.

5/19/2008 6:17:28 PM


Logically, I have no idea where you're going. A sexy anthropomorphic biscuit does not an ookie-cookie make.

5/19/2008 6:17:53 PM

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