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When 26 year-old Danilo Giuffrida told doctors he was gay at his medical examination for [Italian] military service, they passed the information to the transport ministry, who told him he must repeat his driving test or have his license withdrawn due to his "sexual identity disturbance."

Giuffrida agreed to re-take his test, passed it for a second time, but the ministry renewed his license for just one year rather than the usual 10 years because of his homosexuality.

Italian Transport Ministry, New York Times 32 Comments [7/14/2008 6:07:05 PM]
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One Trick Pony

I read about this yesterday... he did get about 150 thousand in damages over this.

7/14/2008 6:11:13 PM

Mister Spak

He must drive like a girl.

7/14/2008 6:15:22 PM


Italian drivers, as a rule, drive their cars like fighter jets and think of pedestrians as bumps on an obstacle course.

I can't imagine Italy has ANY requirements for its drivers, much less a requirement that they be free of something as petty as "sexual identity disturbances."

7/14/2008 6:23:25 PM


Doesn't even make sense as discrimination goes. Like... why?

7/14/2008 6:24:22 PM


There is a sexual disturbance in the Force.

7/14/2008 6:24:38 PM


Well of course, he'll be too busy looking at all the boys to pay attention to the road.


7/14/2008 6:27:01 PM


What do you call an Italian homosexual?


7/14/2008 6:28:13 PM




7/14/2008 6:33:29 PM

Are you fucking kidding me?

7/14/2008 6:47:01 PM


Italy? He didn't drive fast enough?

7/14/2008 7:05:57 PM


That's bullshit.

7/14/2008 7:19:11 PM

Philbert McAdamia, Athien

150,000 in what? Lira? Haha - in Monopoly Money, I think that's about 50 bucks.

I drove a U.S. navy passenger van in Italy in the late '60s. I had an Italian drivers' license. The only requirement to get one was to understand the pictographs on the traffic signs, basically, where not to go. To drive in Italy is another matter; Gas pedal, horn, and balls of steel. A blindfold and death wish help. I can't imagine where I ever found the machismo to do that back in the day, I am a VERY cautious driver, now. If he "drives like a girl" it must be an Amazon.

7/14/2008 7:36:06 PM


not so much fundie as bigotted and ignorant.

7/14/2008 8:09:50 PM


No one has said it yet, so...

What does sexuality have to do with driving skills?

7/14/2008 8:17:41 PM


Is there even such a thing as "sexual idenity disturbance"?

7/14/2008 8:26:04 PM

One Trick Pony

@ philbert

It was 150 thousand dollars, or 100 thousand euros.

7/14/2008 8:54:04 PM

Old Viking

There are people in the Ministry with too much time on their hands.

7/14/2008 9:02:17 PM

Bad Influence


7/14/2008 9:08:06 PM


There was a time when women actually weren't allowed to drive cars. Apparently these nutcases have taken it a step further.

7/14/2008 9:12:30 PM


Oh fuck you, you bigoted twats.

7/14/2008 10:47:00 PM

Please, during their vacation to Italy, my parents had the misfortune to be driven up and down the scenic cliffs by an Italian driver. There were no guard rails, the roads (if you could even call them that) were very uneven and bumpy, and he was driving as if he was on a race track. I really don't think that they cared about whether or not he had a "sexual identity disturbance."

7/15/2008 1:05:17 AM


Bigotist Assholes say the darndest things.

7/15/2008 1:58:18 AM


What the hell does your sexual preference have to do with your driving abilities. If your distracted by a cute ass, your distracted. Doesn't matter if said ass is male or female.

7/15/2008 7:02:09 AM

Princess Rot

Why would being gay affect your ability to drive? The stupid, it buuurrrrnns!

7/15/2008 10:15:13 AM


Unbelievable - life imitating art, and parody at that. Seriously, this was a running joke in a British comedy show a few years ago (I forget which one), where a gay 20-something is forever expected not to be able to do things by his clueless parents.

guy: "I'll drive."
dad: "But you can't, you're a, er..."
guy: "Dad, gay people can drive."

7/15/2008 6:35:52 PM

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