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The descendants of Noah's fancier specimens (behemoth, leviathan, velociraptor, et cetera, et al) do not seem to have adapted very well at all! to the brutal climate shift, and thus to have died out fairly thoroughly, although some question remains as to just when...

Asahel, POD Warrior Forum 5 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Noah must've had a bitchin menagerie.

9/3/2009 1:11:43 AM


dinosaurs on a ship with people and other animals.

1/24/2011 3:55:41 PM


You just proved, that Noah's ark and especially the dimensions of it in the bible are lies.

1/24/2011 4:34:39 PM


Velociraptors on the Ark? Cool!

Also, bullshit. They did die out fairly thoroughly all right - about 65 million years before the story of Noah was dreamed up by some ignorant goat shagger who'd eaten one magic mushroom too many.

1/25/2011 3:13:07 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Noah is a myth for idiots.

10/1/2012 8:57:27 AM

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