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Maybe they don't hate God as you say since they don't believe in Him [nothing to hate], but they hold contempt for what they believe is 'unreal', in this case God, so I believe they do hate [scorn] God.

PreTribber, Rapture Ready 4 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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is there a 'makes no fucking sense' award?

1/28/2010 9:49:09 AM


He/she was so close. Almost got to the idea that we (at least some of us) hold contempt for the BELIEF in an imaginary being. And for the way that belief is hurled at us like dung from a caged monkey.

11/6/2015 11:07:05 AM


No... just you.

11/6/2015 4:35:15 PM

Here's a clue: Just because you believe it doesn't make it true.

11/6/2015 4:45:13 PM

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