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I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation therefore I am not ignorant, I am informed. Inform yourself in the word of God then you are no longer ignorant of the word. You are ignorant because you choose to believe in the writing of Darwin instead of informing yourself in the writing of Christ. That my friend is ingnorace in its purest form. Before you act like you know something study it first. You chose to be ignorant because its easier than studying Gods word.

badandygonzalez, YouTube 54 Comments [10/22/2008 10:02:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: FacelessAtheist

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The L

Newsflash: Charles Darwin was a Christian.

10/22/2008 8:50:00 PM


badandygonzalez, by reading your comment, I can deduct that you have no education, no future, no clue what evolution is or what Darwin held of beliefs. You probably live in the central areas of USA, aka the bible belt. You have probably never been further from home than the next state over and you are barely able to read and write your own language, much less any foreign languages. Your opinions are formed by listening to an equally uneducated and ignorant pastor in a church filled with like minded ignorants.

Why anyone would do anything but laugh at your feeble attempts, is beyond me..

10/22/2008 8:55:47 PM


You know what? Read bible, still atheist.

10/22/2008 8:56:18 PM

Doctor Whom

The writing of Christ? What extant texts did Christ write?

If you're referring to the Bible, I know it better than do most Christians, and my Bible knowledge is my chief reason for being an atheist.

10/22/2008 8:57:45 PM

Allegory for Jesus

You assume that we don't already know about your religion, despite it being simplistic and loudly professed the world over. Hell of an assumption. Just trying to hide the fact that you don't the know the first thing about evolution by shifting focus, aren't you?

10/22/2008 9:03:51 PM

Old Viking

The writings of Christ? When? Why wasn't I informed?

10/22/2008 9:22:38 PM


I tried to inform myself, but the Bible was boring as all shit. I just couldn't see it happening.

I mean, was that the best an all-powerful God could do?

Much of it didn't even make sense!

10/22/2008 9:23:19 PM


Actually, no. "Goddidit" is much simpler than evolutionary biology. Ergo, you are ignorant. The fact that you think you are not just further proves it.

10/22/2008 9:31:05 PM


Often the people who think that the theory of evolution is correct know more about the things written in the bible than many fundamentalist christians (who believe in creationism)

I have, however, yet to meet a single creationist, who knows more about evolution than the biologists who, day for day, increase our knowledge about evolution and form theories around it.
(and I don´t count inventing things and then claiming that they are part of the theory of evolution [like Horvind regularly does] as knowledge about evolution ;) )

10/22/2008 9:32:12 PM


"I know 'bout evil-ution becuz my pastor tole me it's bad, 'kay? He sez he's read an actual book on it, by Ken Ham or Kent Hovind or somebody, and I'm pretty sure they's ex-spurts."

10/22/2008 9:33:50 PM


"You are ignorant because you choose to believe in the writing of Darwin instead of informing yourself in the writing of Christ."

Your ignorance is showing. Christ didn't write anything in the bible.

10/22/2008 9:36:53 PM


"I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation therefore I am not ignorant, I am informed."

"I've been told a strawman version of 'evolution' by my parents and/or pastor, and I agree with them because they said I'll go to hell if I didn't."

10/22/2008 9:37:43 PM

David B.

"I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation therefore I am not ignorant, I am informed."

If you were 'informed', you would know that evolution isn't a matter of belief, it is a theory supported by masses of evidence from many lines of enquiry.

If you were 'informed', you would know that evolution isn't incompatible with a belief in God, Jesus or the Easter Bunny. It is not that evolution denies them, but that it denies your literal reading of a book about them that you have problems with. If you loved, trusted and above all believed in God and Jesus, instead of in the bible, evolution would present no more problem to you than gravity or electromagnetism.

If you were 'informed', you would not have assumed that anyone believing in evolution would not know a thing or two about Jesus. You would know that many evolutionary biologists are themselves Christian, and that many prominent Christians openly accept the validity of evolution. I think, for example, that the last three popes might just have read the odd page of the bible now and again.

If you were 'informed', you wouldn't have ended up posted on here.

10/22/2008 9:52:32 PM


I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation therefore I am not ignorant, I am informed.

Wow, that's so easy! He didn't even have to read anything, he just knows evolution exists and bam! He's informed. Screw you guys, I'm going to the University of Badandygonzalez.

...anybody seen my cereal box?

10/22/2008 9:56:53 PM


If Jesus Christ wrote stuff, why isn't it in the bible?

10/22/2008 9:57:30 PM

Bored One-time Poster

"I know about evolution."

Care to explain it without using the word "monkeys?"

10/22/2008 10:00:42 PM

a mind far far away

I was a Christian who spent most of his life studying theology. I am no longer a Christian who wastes most of his time. So no, I am very well informed about the bible, and all the beliefs surrounding it. I've also spent a good deal of time studying other religions and philosophy as well. (I was actually in training to be a Baptist minister at one time.) I finally learned that christianity is nothing but nonsensical bullshit, and the bible belongs in the fantasy and childrens sections at book stores, at best. So, I seriously doubt you KNOW about evolution. But I could be wrong. You could very well be that fucking stupid.

Edit: As I've said before, and as fundies will never learn, most of Christendom believes in theistic evolution, and do not accept any kind of form of creationism.

10/22/2008 10:03:19 PM


You chose to be ignorant because its easier than studying Gods word.

Studying some bronze age Arab goat herder's word on how he thought God supposedly created the universe is easy. It consists of about 800 words (KJV) and basically just tells us the order in which He created things. It says nothing about how or when or why.

10/22/2008 10:04:48 PM


Clearly don't know about evolution.

Kent Hovind and Ken Ham are not scientists. Learn about evolution from a real scientist.

I've read large portions of the bible, reading the bible just helped me to cement my opinion that Christianity doesn't make any sense.

10/22/2008 10:10:06 PM


You betrayed your ignorance. "The writings of Darwin" are not the Alpha and Omega. One can understand evolution quite easily (as I can) without ever having read Darwin (as I haven't).

I can understand how fucked up your religion is without even reading your scripture. All I need is to see evidence of willful ignorance. Like you.

Oh yeah, Christ didn't write shit that anybody knows of. You must not even know your religion.

10/22/2008 10:17:01 PM


I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation

A sane person cannot choose what he believes, except for the fundamental axioms from which all other beliefs are forced upon him by rational thought and observation (and I'm not even sure if you can choose the axioms you hold either, not the really crucial ones)

You may choose to hold the truth of your bible as axiomatic; if you do, we cannot refute you. What you cannot refute, however, is that this axiom is incompatible with the axioms of rationalism - it is simply not possible to formulate a consistent model for reality as we can observe it that simultaneously satisfies both the axioms of your religion, and the axioms of empirical rationalism (or simply "science", as you may better know it), despite the certainty (and I'd bet any amount of money on this) that that you rely entirely on the latter axiom in all other aspects of your existence where it doesn't conflict with your religious tenets, even if you aren't conscious of it.

10/22/2008 10:44:30 PM


I said it before, I'll say it again: "Excuse me for not wanting to read 1862 pages of broken English, terrible continuity, and a main protagonist more evil than the most fucked up thing I've ever come up with."

And now for the Fundies' least favorite words: Prove it. Show me what you know about evolution.

10/22/2008 10:54:31 PM


"That my friend is ingnorace in its purest form."

Not just any race of ignos but a pure race.

10/22/2008 11:39:30 PM


Reading isn't the problem, it's swallowing that crock of shit that's the problem.

10/23/2008 12:29:03 AM


If you're not ignorant, then you must be stupid.

10/23/2008 12:57:48 AM

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