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[For those who say that a certain theory is not fact, did you know that the effects of gravity is a theory?]

Gravity is proven.Drop an apple and it falls.It is not a belief that seeks to destroy the Bible.
Evolution is a BELIEF system that goes against the Bible and God,that is why we reject it.The proof shows Evolution never happened.

C, Yahoo Crazys 36 Comments [11/14/2008 2:32:42 AM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

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Yes, because evolution totally wants to destroy your Bible and rip it to shreds. That's totally the only reason the ToE exists.

Self-absorbed fucktards...

11/14/2008 2:34:06 AM


You just don't get it do you.

11/14/2008 2:34:46 AM

Captain Obvious

Evolution doesn't give a shit about you're idiotic book of bronze age fairy tales.

Evolution just is.

11/14/2008 2:36:05 AM


Gravity isn't proven, in fact, evolution has a greater body of evidence amassed (as collected by regular scientific studies) than the theory of gravity.

11/14/2008 2:38:04 AM


Evolution is a process, not an event.

Please stop using the word 'proof'. You have none and never will.

11/14/2008 2:39:06 AM


"Drop an apple and it falls" is a fact we observe. Gravity is the theory we use to explain why. It's a theory; in fact, we know less about gravity than we do about evolution.

11/14/2008 2:56:42 AM

A Friend

Sure if you want to take a story of rib women and talking snakes literally than yes the theory of evolution is not compatible with your beliefs. Unfortanately reality doesn't comply with your beliefs. Live with it.

11/14/2008 2:58:09 AM


And what of all the observed occurrences of speciation? Oh, you just don't want to see those, do ya.

11/14/2008 2:58:59 AM


The thing is, if you actually HAD proof, the scientific community would drop evolution in a heartbeat. But, you know, seeing as you DON'T, kindly STFU.

11/14/2008 3:11:13 AM


[Gravity is proven.Drop an apple and it falls.]

That doesn't 100% prove gravity.

[It is not a belief that seeks to destroy the Bible. ]

Darwin was a christian.

[The proof shows Evolution never happened. ]

The bible isn't "proof". If it was, there would be more evidence supporting it.

11/14/2008 3:16:58 AM


You do realise, that evolution, unlike an instant happening, takes time, so your comparison fails.

11/14/2008 3:30:26 AM


You have proof? Let's see!

11/14/2008 3:31:37 AM


Saying proof over and over doesn't make you right.

11/14/2008 3:31:54 AM


WHY does that apple fall? WHAT is gravity exactly? Answer me those questions and I'll consider listening to what you have to say, because otherwise you seem to think a fact can just be accepted at face value with no evidence.

11/14/2008 3:35:18 AM

Way to miss the point.

11/14/2008 3:56:41 AM


*Cue random picture of dozens upon dozens of fossils showing a near complete line of transitional forms*

11/14/2008 4:13:33 AM


As soon as a fundie uses the word "proof", I know he has none.
Evolution is an ongoing process which has overwhelming, and increasing evidence in its' favor.
It does NOT go against the bible, your open ignorance does that already.

11/14/2008 4:31:18 AM

Old Viking

Reality goes against the Bible.

11/14/2008 4:31:43 AM

Allegory for Jesus

But...but...gravity doesn't exist...it just angels dragging the apples down! Militant gravitationalist!

11/14/2008 4:50:48 AM


If you reproduce, there is a chance your genetic material will change slightly.

If you are unfit, you will die out and your genes will not be passed on.

Thus evolution progresses.

11/14/2008 4:51:16 AM


Evolution is a BELIEF system that goes against the Bible and God,that is why we reject it.

So is space travel and satellite technology. Just how do those things get past the firmament?

11/14/2008 4:57:42 AM


The act of dropping something, even over and over, does not prove gravity. It is evidence, but it is not proof.

11/14/2008 6:04:41 AM


@Allegory for Jesus
And everyone else

Actually, you're wrong. Gravity may be one theory, but the Theory of Intelligent Falling is the true theory. As you all know the ToIF states that the Noodly Appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster push everything down.

11/14/2008 6:52:26 AM


Evolution is not an extremist sect of atheism that wants to destroy the babble. It is merely a way of ATTEMPTING to explain why things are how they are. We know there are holes in the ToE, but if we didn't have them, then what would be the point. Humans strive for answers, but to have all your answers in one small shitty book proves that you are not completely human. You are part brain dead.

11/14/2008 7:42:17 AM



11/14/2008 11:00:24 AM

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